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Booknet Stories: suspence. Best in genre

Stories: suspence. Best in genre

5 books
Book cover "Cold but Charming"
Flashes of graves, blood , knife , then darkness decended, she was panting hard , sweat soaked her entire being as she shook with extremities.. dog barks filled her ear drum, just beyond her field of vision the atmosphere she was became tense and menacing .. With loud breath, thudding...
Story about: love, action, suspence
3 236
In progress: 26 Dec
224 pp.
Book cover "It Was Him"
"Will you do this for us" I nodded my head without thinking twice. "But why?" Kevin asked. His face was filled with remorse. I gave out a weak smile. "Don't ask me why. I will do this for you." "You are sacrificing your life."Kevin said closing his eyes tightly, pushing back his tears. ...
26 562
255 pp.
Book cover "What Went Missing!!!"
Nicole was an ordinary girl in a middle school who lived with her father in a small town after her mother died .one day Nicole went missing leaving her father and her two best friends in huge grief over her and for six years no body figured out how it happened until one rainy day a miracle happened ...
Story about: romance, suspence, small town
17 458
80 pp.
Book cover "Five Nights at Freddy’s - Story Timeline"
Everyone has wondered how the story of FNAF, the collective video game series, first came to be or how the story is completed by the tangled order of the games. But thanks to many collective works, we now have the complete timeline of Five Nights at Freddy's....
Story about: mystery, suspence, hauntings
25 pp.
Book cover "So-Called Suicides"
It's been three years since Hannah's mom's death, Carolina's dad's arrest and basically everything. The whole gang's at WCU college now. They kinda decided life was partying, studying, football and sneaking into places sometimes. And they were right, untill a common frenemy died. The police report s...
Story about: death, thriller, suspence
2 129
52 pp.
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