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Animal Instinct

Gegi Mei

On the day of her wedding, Ariana Montenero found her husband sleeping with another woman in their newlywed bedroom. When she ran out of the room in a daze, she was caught by a mysterious man and had a gun held to her head. Before she could grasp what was happening to her, a group of gunmen ambush... more info

Story about: kidnapped, toxic relationship, mafia romance

Ongoing: 04 Dec 11 pages
65 11 3

Rating: 4

#30 in Thrillers & Suspense
#423 in Romance
#66 in Romantic suspense



Soumya Mishra

Douglas Bishop has everything he desires for. His seemingly perfect life is the matter of shiny magazine pages and reality shows. The world is in the palm of his hands. The key to his happiness however, is tucked away 9 years deep in his past and he's been searching for it ever since. Dia Spar... more info

Story about: billionare, toxic relationship, childhood lovers

Ongoing: 28 Nov 38 pages
344 61 0

Rating: 3

#748 in Romance
#414 in Billionaires
#142 in Contemporary Romance

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