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Deeksha Kushwaha

Story of an arrogant rich boy whose life was changed after loosing his eyesight in a horrific accident. He got to know that no one truly cared about him, due to this he got disheartened at first then after a span of time he started living happily, this Was because he had met a sassy girl and fell in... more info

Story about: heartbreak and unity, true love and selflessness, indian love story

Ongoing: 27 Oct 19 pages
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Rating: 13

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Present me my man


The journey of Rose knight who's looking for her dream man. What do u think? Who will become her MAN?... "Will you marry me, Rose Night?" Roy asked with a nervous smile. "Yes," She said as soon as she accepts his proposal he slides the purple diamond ring in her ring finger "I love you, Rose," He... more info

Story about: true love and selflessness

Ongoing: 19 Oct 18 pages
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Rating: 2

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