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Booknet Stories: true love. Best in genre

Stories: true love. Best in genre

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Book cover "Return to Jorgaldur: the battle mage"
When he dies in his bed due to his advanced age, he still remembers an NPC from an MMORPG that he played in his youth, without understanding why he has never forgotten her. When he opens his eyes again, he finds the ruins of what was the beginning of that game. Has he returned to a place that never...
Story about: reincarnation, magic, true love
40 049
486 pp.
Book cover "Love by Chance"
Sheila Galloway is always in trouble when it comes to love. Perhaps it is her penchant for picking the unavailable, the bad boy, the married man, or the guy who has no love for her because he loves himself far more. She longed to find that fabled "Nice Guy". Perhaps that's why she kept throwing hers...
62 646
151 pp.
Book cover "Love Find It's Way!"
The story revolves around Ruhi Subramanian and Chaitanya Reddy. Both are into the business and are strong headed. Ruhi has no room for Marriage or Relationship whereas Chaitanya is in relationship with his girlfriend Kaylee. Both are bonded in a knot called Marriage. So let's see whether they ...
4 065
In progress: 16 Feb
63 pp.
Book cover "Forever Ruined"
Benjamin McAllister's past was riddled with intrigue, war, and death. It was no place for a woman, such comforts as marriage, family and love were not meant to be his but one woman changed all of that for him. Clara Bentley had won Benjamin McAllister's heart but the prize came with a pric...
64 462
396 pp.
Book cover "Chocolate and Coffee"
Janet Foreman is a proofreader who wants her childhood friend to love her, but when he tells her that he wants to return in the arms of the mother of his two-year-old daughter, she loses all hope in love. One day, she meets Lee Joon, a barista at Starbucks' who wants to learn better English. Over ti...
11 765
53 pp.
Book cover "Fighters of Holy Land"
Both of them loved freedom, both of them loved their country! Yet while living in the same town, their worlds were thousands miles apart! ****** Noor, a regular naive girl was soon to be wedded to Asad who can't accept her as his wife. He is searching for someone more courageous, someone who ...
Story about: historical, fighters, true love
14 pp.
Book cover "The Billionaire Meets The Fierce Lawyer"
Betrayal could either make someone vulnerable or impenetrable. When a billionaire businessman met an impenetrable, fierce lawyer; he swore he will never back down until that time that he will catch her unguarded and open herself to him. Would he finally succeed and would there be a happy endin...
7 397
148 pp.
Book cover "If Diamonds Could Talk"
In the sequel to 'His 16th Face', Beth Coldwell could not be more in love with Christian Henderson. If only all the terrible things he warned her about hadn't come true. Now that she is part of his world, she is chained up in a castle on Tombstone Mountain with a steel ring through her ankle. She...
1 507
261 pp.
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