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Blood of The Rebel - The Promise

Robert Gregory

Set in Ancient Sparta amidst war, rebellion and natural disaster, this takes the story begun in "Heart of The Spartan - The Dark Flower" to its desperate and epic conclusion. Read "Heart of The Spartan - The Dark Flower", available on Litnet, before commencing this novel.... more info

Story about: love, war, rebellion

Complete 160 pages
4302 173 9

Rating: 8

#279 in Romance
#11 in Historical Romance
#9 in Action & Adventures
#3 in Military


The Sorrows of War

Nicole Armas

"When you get back to Canada you know there will be no one waiting for you. No banners. No brass bands. No cheering crowds. Not like there was in 1914. No, people will be tired of you. They'll shun you, hoping to get over with the war as quickly as possible."... more info

Story about: death, loss, war

Complete 3 pages
763 39 4

Rating: 4

#12 in Action & Adventures
#5 in Military
#37 in Short stories


Arc Blazers Final Year

A story for everyone

The Arc Blazers now must now face their biggest threat. For if they are to succeed it will come at a great price.... more info

Story about: war

Complete 25 pages
987 10 0

Rating: 1

#322 in Fantasy
#92 in Dark fantasy
#34 in Epic fantasy


There Is War In Nigeria

Poetry & Fictional African Story

There Is War In Nigeria by Joshua Eze My Boy, We must fight and Win We must let Lady Nigeria know My Religion should not define Where I live, settle and do business... more info

Story about: nationalism, war, ethnicity

Complete 1 pages
590 38 2

Rating: 7

#361 in Others
#103 in Humor
#121 in Non-fiction


The Red Stag

Aruna Reddy

Set in a world of Stags and their kingdom in the remote snowy mountains of Alps, the story breaks Into the life of their King, his highness, Nohr Montikal who is on the verge of a life shattering experience. Witness the royal celebrations, witness the day, when Nohr is blessed with baby boy and al... more info

Story about: war, selfdiscovery, why me

Ongoing: 20 May 5 pages
129 11 0

Rating: 3

#153 in Fantasy
#19 in Action fantasy
#92 in Thrillers & Suspense
#42 in Suspense


Arc Blazers Year one

A story for everyone

Four kids inherit talismens from their parents. They must band together to end the war. Up against a common threat they work together to over come there many challenges. Together they can create a power greater than any other. For if they fail it will the end of everything we know and love. ... more info

Story about: war

Complete 24 pages
1610 10 2

Rating: 1

#422 in Fantasy
#52 in Action fantasy
#48 in Epic fantasy

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