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Love by Luck( Short stories)

Sami sami

This book contains different love stories that leads to other. Any kind of couple you want, you can get it in here. Enjoy reading. 1- Mafia king's scared kitten A man wearing black pants and black shirt was walking in a long corridor. He had a frown on his forehead but his expressions were neutra... more info

Story about: mafia and danger, werewolves and vampires, sweet love story

Ongoing: 04 Aug 72 pages
14957 284

Rating: 49

#914 in Romance
#22 in Short stories


The Alphas Tribrid Mate


Verity Reid now Luna of Lockincester must come to terms with her new Tribrid self and overpower her most urges to be the Luna her newfound pack so desperately needs. A leader. As well as leading a pack Verity will have to train and try to form a bond other than the physical one with her mate; The Al... more info

Story about: witches, werewolves and vampires, lycanthropy

Ongoing: 01 Aug 9 pages
234 20

Rating: 2

#172 in Young adult
#395 in Fantasy


New Tunnel, Old Fangs

Tony Spencer

Will Slaughter was a simple labourer who lived with his cousin Sam Shakespeare, living in an area of natural beauty within the stockbroker belt close to London. Over the past century, all the old farms had been bought by city gents who ran banks or negotiated big bucks deals, none of them got their ... more info

Story about: werewolves and vampires, guardians, tunnel construction

Complete 28 pages
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Rating: 2

#2225 in Romance
#148 in Paranormal Romance
#555 in Fantasy