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Falling For The Badboy Superstar

Lee Taylor (caramelcherries)

Lana wins a competition to go on tour with pop idol Jordan Carter. He is immediately drawn to her but her tries to stay away but he finds that the harder he tries, the closer he wants to get. For Lana this is a dream come true because she has always had the ultimate crush on Jordan. She knows he has... more info

Story about: music, heartbreak, young love

Complete 357 pages
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Rating: 126

#70 in Romance
#11 in New Adult & College
#10 in Romantic suspense


I Breathe Underwater

Janice Magerman

Being popular and part of a social clique at her high school, seventeen-year-old Charlotte, turns a blind eye to bullying by her own group of friends. Until the unimaginable happens. Two deaths in one night. Guilt ridden, she seeks out a friendship with, Justin, one of the boys her friends con... more info

Story about: young love, bullying and overcoming tragedy

Ongoing: 03 Apr 27 pages
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Rating: 2

#24 in Young adult


Just One Night

Rita Udoka

young love is all about two young adult who swore to keep moving no matter what it takes parents, friends could not tear them apart, their love was indeed more than a natural love!!!!!!... more info

Story about: young love

Ongoing: 25 Feb 1 pages
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Rating: 2

#273 in Romance
#52 in Romantic suspense
#56 in Young adult
#16 in School


Perfect life? Perhaps not


Kayla is a young female who lives in a small town of Slovenia. Sasha is a young foreigner who loves Kayla and is sure they will stay together forever. They live the perfect life but that all changes when Kayla's father shows up and changes their life forever. Is their love stronger than the family f... more info

Story about: young love, family drama

Complete 56 pages
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Rating: 10

#749 in Romance

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