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История Третьего дела


События разворачиваются в 2019 году, во время правления Владимира Путина . У троих подростков был квест, который они должны выполнить . Но всё-ли так хорошо закончит... more info

Story about: подросках, загадке, романтике

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Marry - Go Round

Briana Wenceslaus

Barbra Sullivan cannot accept that David Westfield is no longer in her life and that he is now married to Claire Obrien St. Johns. She gives the couple a horrible time by making deliberate attacks on different occasions, as an attempt to separate the married couple and to get what she claims is righ... more info

Story about: inspirational romance

Ongoing: 16 Jul 2 pages
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Rating: 2

#507 in Romance
#35 in Inspiration romance


Colourland Series 4: Xax and Whites


The Bear have sent in Xax and Whites, the last line of defense to fight Crayon and his friends.... more info

Story about: crayon colourea colouruke artby warbler

Ongoing: 25 Jul 28 pages
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About an old man living alone in a house who found out that there are some intruders in his house. Now he must do whatever he can to scare them away from his house... more info

Story about: intruder, privacy, security

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Rating: 2

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Raising hell

Михаил Рудин

The entient prophety comes truethe ancient prophecy comes true... more info

Story about: night, knight, magic

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Rating: 1

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Life On The Run

Maddie Allen

There are two kids running away from home what would happen let's see and find out This is my first book I wrote ... more info

Story about: two girls on the run

Ongoing: 11 Jul 1 pages
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The Last Story

Shawn J Singleton II

The Monomyth of Earth has been the keeper of humanity's stories for thousands of years. But now - the stories are disappearing, not only from his library but from his memory. He teams up with Ellecita, the deity of choice in order to discover why this is happening and to put a stop to it.... more info

Story about: science fantasy, adventure, metatextual

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Rating: 2

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He wants this to happen. She is reluctant. He wishes the probability of mutuality to get a last full-blown opportunity to attain fruition and ultimate utility. Her mind is unsure of the validity of the enterprise itself; even as she has nothing against him. Finally, the raw and core instincts of bod... more info

Story about: intimacy, mutuality, happiness

Ongoing: 11 Jul 30 pages
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Rating: 1

#527 in Romance
#112 in Contemporary Romance
#36 in Inspiration romance


Viable Ways to Develop your Internal Strength


Discover powerful approaches to create internal strength that will permit you to develop in each aspect of your life. In any type of challenge, internal strength is very significant coz it will give you expectations and affirmation when difficulties come toward each path. Some will surrender effect... more info

Story about: effective ways, internal stength, internal value

Ongoing: 26 Jul 4 pages
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Rating: 1

#48 in Short stories


Existence Hollowed: Our Origins

David R. Quigley

A record of our outer spaces location. Revealing the secrets of how our outer space was a solid matter before it began dissolving, leaving us with the hollowed area we live in reffered to as existence. Prepare for the unknown. Enjoy. ... more info

Story about: space, religion, matter

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19th Winter


Every day, Every time of the howling hours of midnight--Izha is told of warning by her mother "never go into the woods." For there is a monster, a horrible creature who kills for blood. Hear it? The cries, the wails, the howling of his victims is making my skin crawl. Izha...Every day, and every ... more info

Story about: darkfantasy, dark fantasy adventure, adventure

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#151 in Fantasy


Devata of the Silver Lance Book 1: Wanderer

AC Coldphoenix

A warrior who lost his memory of his past and living far away from his world. Now, a priestess in need of saving will summon the most powerful hero. A man who must discover his past to discover his true self and the power that was locked inside of him. A woman who must forget her past in order to ac... more info

Story about: fantasy gods, action and adventure, martial arts

Ongoing: 11 Jul 101 pages
1715 55 27

Rating: 6

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simon 1982

Arthur hadn't seemed to have got to grips with the word no. Everyone was aware of this floor. ... more info

Story about: how far can a soft touch be pushed

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Rating: 4

#206 in Mystery
#237 in Short stories


Perfect for me

Perfect for me

Aliz Fatim who have nearly suffered a lot in her past wants to overcome her fear her anxiety and feel the world.This is only possible if she comes out of her shell her home which is actually her every thing.In order to get that outcome she comes out of her stance and heads to Canada to stay with her... more info

Story about: friendship, playboy, shygirl

Ongoing: 10 Aug 10 pages
8292 282 34

Rating: 12

#1077 in Romance
#174 in Romantic suspense
#191 in Billionaires


Arx's Re:life Side Story: Warspite's Route


This is a side story of the original Arx's RE:Life story narrating from the perspective of 'What If' Arx had chosen Warspite as his love target instead of Belfast. What will happen between him and Belfast's relationship? Find out here!!... more info

Story about: shipgirls, happy ending

Complete 43 pages
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Rating: 0

#19 in Fanfiction
#6 in Anime Fanfiction



Tizi Windster

She didn't want this and neither did he. Two stubborn teenagers forced to hanged out with each other. A story between a sarcastic girl and a boy who can't get enough of breaking hearts.... more info

Story about: two teens that fell in love

Ongoing: 20 Jul 96 pages
4888 244 12

Rating: 14

#738 in Romance
#162 in Young adult


Adam Or Adem: Creational Magic

David R. Quigley

A explanation of creational magic and its secrets, explained in comparison and mathematical formula. Prepare for the unknown. Enjoy. ... more info

Story about: god, bible, religion

Complete 4 pages
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Rating: 0

#128 in Mystery
#58 in Supernaturals


Lestones. Part 1

Евгения Бацман

One morning, lestones woke up and realized that they were a new race. But why didn’t they feel it before? Who is outside their country - friend or foe? Or maybe they are enemies themselves? But there is no time for reflection. A terrible force is moving on their lands. What should they do: run, su... more info

Story about: adventure, magic, hero

Complete 150 pages
8659 40 21

Rating: 5

#700 in Fantasy
#93 in Epic fantasy


Fallen Further


Book #2 This is a story of magic, the cycle of life and true love and continues on from Fallen. There once was young woman who looked after the animals, the deities and all of the unknown. It is a peaceful life and she wanted for nothing. She served her purpose and she was loved by a mysteriou... more info

Story about: magick, angels and demons, healers

Complete 8 pages
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Rating: 12

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