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Immortal Embrace


Unexpected accident brought Myra Blumei back to 1720 and discover that she's also alive in that period of time but with different name of course Nova Fedorova. Unusually, she's living with royal vampire brothers called Cheiatro in their mansion where historically known for being haunted for some rea... more info

Story about: vampires, timetravel, mansion

Ongoing: 27 Feb 1 pages
22 2 1

Rating: 0

#168 in Fantasy
#38 in Dark fantasy
#86 in Romantic fantasy




" thought you would leave me.” She said burring her face in the crook of his neck. “I can never leave you even if you want me to because I love you so much.” Alex said and kissed her lips passionately. “I love you too, very much.” She said and kiss him back with the same passion and ... more info

Story about: revenge, action drama, psychotic love

Ongoing: 26 Feb 1 pages
15 4 0

Rating: 2

#113 in Thrillers & Suspense
#23 in Action thriller
#40 in Suspense


The Alpha King Samael

sam reigns

The phantoms, just a normal regular family in Tenac town. What happens when you realize you are one of the "stranger things" opposing every logic reasoning you've ever known?What happens when someone messes with your family and any one else close to you?What happens when you realize you were destine... more info

Story about: vampires and werewolves, witches and werewolves, werewolf king

Ongoing: 01 Mar 37 pages
108 15 5

Rating: 2

#145 in Fantasy
#802 in Romance
#71 in Paranormal Romance


Seducing the Vampire Lord.


When Flora tries to escape a stalker who broke into her apartment she gets sucked into an antique mirror she was gifted for her 19th birthday and lands into a place foreign to her and back in time and in the mercy of a dark brooding vampire who might just rip her throat out if she made the wrong mo... more info

Story about: dark romance, timetravel, possessive vampire

Ongoing: 03 Mar 23 pages
286 78 6

Rating: 9

#24 in Fantasy
#12 in Romantic fantasy
#231 in Romance
#9 in Paranormal Romance


The Cold Hearted Tomboy Soul Reaper

Kim Hitsugaya

In the human world, a young girl seems to be the cause of the frequent hollow attacks. The number of attacks per day increased like never before and many times she was the target. The captain of the 13th gotei kept an eye on her and ended up confiding his fears to the head captain. Who is this human... more info

Story about: bleach anime, fight, karakura

Ongoing: 03 Mar 18 pages
36 1 0

Rating: 4

#19 in Fanfiction
#2 in Anime Fanfiction


Soul Window

Viola Vonburg

Holish Grammaphone is living her life however strange every day may turn out to be. She has short brown, redish hair with a twirl in it and has one blue eye and one green with a shortish, small build. She's not an athiest, but she isn't stuck on one religion she is always searching for something ... more info

Story about: an every day thing, something different

Ongoing: 03 Mar 6 pages
33 1 0

Rating: 0

#50 in Contemporary fiction
#15 in Urban life
#24 in Others
#17 in Humor


The Fight Of A Determined sister

Kim Hitsugaya

Nezuko has to find a certain Kibutsuji Muzan so he cna turn her brothers back to humans. Throughout her journey to look for him, her hatred for the demon creator grows but she turns it into strength to be able to fight the demons he created. She had sworn to turn her brothers back to human and she w... more info

Story about: fights, demons, blood

Ongoing: 25 Feb 7 pages
25 2 0

Rating: 1

#22 in Fanfiction
#3 in Anime Fanfiction



Isabella Tymury

A drug abuser and the story behind her addiction.... more info

Story about: drug addiction, suicide awareness, xanax

Complete 2 pages
17 0 0

Rating: 7

#41 in Short stories
#59 in Contemporary fiction
#20 in Urban life


His Dragon Mate

Heena Kundra

Ryan is a research specialist and while digging, he finds something and from that, he goes into another world. He comes in a world where everyone is completely different from him. He just wanted to escape from there but now gets trapped in that world. He does not have enough strength to escape fro... more info

Story about: magical world, dragon in love with human, fantasy creatures

Ongoing: 02 Mar 14 pages
50 14 1

Rating: 3

#141 in Fantasy
#71 in Romantic fantasy
#797 in Romance
#69 in Paranormal Romance


I Still Love You

Deby Gold

Two childhood friends - Tony and Tris get separated as teenagers and lose contact with each other. Ten years later, they hear from each other and reconnect. When their feelings for each other resurface, the distance between them becomes a challenge.... more info

Story about: childhood lovers, friends to lovers, first love

Ongoing: 26 Feb 6 pages
173 90 2

Rating: 6

#303 in Romance
#57 in Contemporary Romance


Fated To Love


Aubrey is a cheerful and loving girl who has enough love for everyone. On Aubrey's first day in college she bumped into Jake the school's arrogant bad boy and fell in love with him at first sight even after finding who Jake really is, she still loved him for him. Jake the University perilous b... more info

Story about: college love, college life, badboygoodgirl

Ongoing: 03 Mar 25 pages
933 179 8

Rating: 15

#152 in Romance
#29 in Contemporary Romance
#12 in New Adult & College


The second sun

June Estee

The fictional country of East Hendosia is on the brink of a revolution, faced with eternal strife when her king and crown prince die unexpectedly in a plane crash and faced with external aggression from West Hendosia. Would Jaachi abandon his world cup dreams to lead his people into peace and vic... more info

Story about: royalty and drama, war and love, crime and adventure

Ongoing: 02 Mar 140 pages
99 11 1

Rating: 18

#7 in Action & Adventures
#4 in Military


Aurora And The Heart Of Magic

Apratyashita Thakur

Aurora's world turns upside down when she gets stuck in the midst of an unwanted pregnancy and the quest for 'The Heart of Magic.' Dragons, werewolves and witches; all are in a bid to trap, lure and use Aurora to obtain the stone. How will Aurora protect herself and her baby from the power-hu... more info

Story about: dragons, werewolves human and witches', love triangle troubled past

Ongoing: 02 Mar 23 pages
43 21 0

Rating: 0

#170 in Fantasy
#10 in Horror
#10 in Paranormal


The Broken Legacy ( Book Two: Realm Of Sins )

Shreya Sen Gupta

Gwen walked out of the castle without letting her feeling for Cade and newly found friendships cloud her judgment. Back with her mother, she is ready to return home, except, that is not what her mother wants. Trusting her mother, she does exactly what she is told. With the truth behind their prof... more info

Story about: prophecies, vampire werewolf and witch, kings and queens

Ongoing: 28 Feb 12 pages
52 5 0

Rating: 3

#228 in Fantasy
#10 in Epic fantasy
#1056 in Romance
#100 in Paranormal Romance


Silence Temptations

Failia Baighaan

The chances of fatality are remarkable when you are entangled in the sizzling yet intriguing games of love, *** Law Black Solis and his wife Red, upholding the image of the unbreakable couple in the fashion industry, strengthened their bond with marriage. Unaware of the haunting demons of their pa... more info

Story about: marriage, love betrayal and heartbreak, lies and deceptions

Ongoing: 02 Mar 68 pages
2107 273 6

Rating: 17

#55 in Romance
#10 in Contemporary Romance
#39 in Billionaires


Second chance at love

Curious words

Two strong and independent individuals with tragic past, come face to face destined to be together, but one is willing to give in and other is adamant to move out. Meet Richard and Gia in their journey to find love again. Will they accept the fate or drift away?.... more info

Story about: romance, findng love, this is a love story

Ongoing: 03 Mar 38 pages
2151 142 4

Rating: 19

#126 in Romance
#3 in Inspiration romance
#24 in Contemporary Romance



Hallie Schlauch

In this modern-day love story, Mae Parsons a rising YouTuber that gets shipped with everyone she collaborates with. When she does the unthinkable and collaborates with a hater, Nikolai Ambrose, it gets a million views. The most views she’s ever gotten. What started out as a not-so-innocent collab ... more info

Story about: romance, enemiestolovers, romance and friendship

Ongoing: 27 Feb 8 pages
50 3 0

Rating: 1

#816 in Romance
#68 in New Adult & College
#59 in Young adult


Curse of Seven Witches


Five hundred years ago, a group of seven witches decided to make an oath. If they managed to have descendants that will help their future battle, then, they must return to that wrecked place and perform the ritual that can bestow the power to subdue the forces of evil that reside in the underworld. ... more info

Story about: witch, modern, billionaires

Ongoing: 01 Mar 6 pages
25 9 0

Rating: 2

#231 in Fantasy
#12 in Urban fantasy




J... more info

Story about: blogs

Ongoing: 24 Feb 1 pages
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Rating: 0

#54 in Others
#16 in Non-fiction


With Love, xxxx - 2

Varshitha Kancharla

Will she... Know him? Meet him? See him? Above all, Love him? ***** Join in the story of a girl holding pen and a man holding gun. Sequel of With Love,xxxx. ... more info

Story about: frienship, mafia, mafia and action

Ongoing: 02 Mar 15 pages
3030 390 19

Rating: 76

#25 in Romance
#1 in Thrillers & Suspense
#1 in Crime fiction

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