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To Plant A Seed: The Collected Short Stories

Raven Rowe

Two boys venture into a garden with strange complexities. A young woman has some rather odd houseguests. And an elderly woman discovers her worst nightmare in a seemingly normal nursing home. These are a twenty-part collection of short stories centred around friendship, familial bonds, and our relat... more info

Story about: nature, odd friendship, other worlds

Ongoing: 26 Mar 16 pages
34 10 0

Rating: 2

#19 in Short stories
#43 in Fantasy


It's complicated....

Luse Chintu

Kamil is my adopted sister. My parents had two sons, David and Mason, both conceived with much health difficulty hence the need to adopt. When Kamil was 13 she was shipped off to boarding school, only to return 8 years later.... Sophisticated and a whole different person. What happened to my sister ... more info

Story about: lovelust, love at first sight

Ongoing: 09 Apr 63 pages
1834 104 9

Rating: 9

#20 in Romance
#10 in Billionaires


Cupid's Workshop

Mahasweta Chakraborty

Olivia Bailey has gotten the opportunity to stay in her favourite vacation house, "Heartland" over the summer holidays. All she needs is a break. From her cheating ex-boyfriend. And her pushy parents. Seth Taylor is a British, living in Washington. To write a thesis on the psychology of the ... more info

Story about: love under the same roof, hatred to love, magic of the cupid

Ongoing: 26 Mar 9 pages
124 29 3

Rating: 6

#165 in Romance


Walking Home

Mark Author

A mix of romance and tragedy, Modern love and pain, we'd all know how things will go.... more info

Story about: tragic love story

Ongoing: 25 Mar 4 pages
108 7 0

Rating: 6

#157 in Romance
#28 in Young adult
#12 in School



Jilecia Poyser

A story of two lovers meeting on a winter day. lower case is intentional... more info

Story about: poetry and poems, lovestory

Ongoing: 25 Mar 1 pages
63 7 0

Rating: 3

#205 in Romance
#37 in Contemporary Romance
#31 in Short stories


Dusk and Ash (in Progress)

David Rauenzahn

Walking the line between grimdark and epic fantasy, this story follows a mercenary named Durmhain, who is pledged to the honor god Akreus. The land has been ravaged by a generations-long war between Elmiar and Nithia, a conflict which has extended out into the world and threatens to engulf the world... more info

Story about: fantasy, gods, grimdark

Ongoing: 08 Apr 83 pages
17 1 0

Rating: 1

#71 in Fantasy
#16 in Dark fantasy
#14 in Action fantasy



simon 1982

Pinocchio rewriten with my twist ... more info

Story about: pinocchio by me

Ongoing: 03 Apr 4 pages
23 8 0

Rating: 5

#20 in Short stories
#18 in Others
#11 in Humor


The Punisher

Londa Cele

Zikhona Mguse is an ordinary man, who considers himself to be modern, lives a modern lifestyle and take risks. Risks that include Khensani, a reward constantly reminded by his left hand & her best friend Felica, a creature only God knows why she associates with. When our duo decides to make the mov... more info

Story about: marriage of convenience, deception, homophobia

Ongoing: 09 Apr 29 pages
81 5 0

Rating: 1

#20 in Contemporary fiction
#206 in Romance
#37 in Romantic suspense


Colourland Series 2: Bird's Isle


Crayon and his friends get invited on a vacation but it is not what it seems.... more info

Story about: crayon colourea colouruke artby warbler

Ongoing: 02 Apr 35 pages
8 1 0

Rating: 1

#72 in Fantasy
#15 in Action fantasy


The Last Story

Shawn J Singleton II

The Monomyth of Earth has been the keeper of humanity's stories for thousands of years. But now - the stories are disappearing, not only from his library but from his memory. He teams up with Ellecita, the deity of choice in order to discover why this is happening and to put a stop to it.... more info

Story about: science fantasy, adventure, metatextual

Complete 23 pages
113 9 2

Rating: 2

#21 in Short stories
#45 in Fantasy


Weak? Not Anymore!

Concealing Agent

Trying to commit suicide by rushing to a God level monster and accidentally killed it gave Razy Di a power to become a "Legendary God Power Weilder" Little did he knows that the power he's weilding is already in him since the day he was born. Bit by bit he discovered the truth about his power wit... more info

Story about: overpowered character

Ongoing: 03 Apr 65 pages
103 14 1

Rating: 4

#46 in Fantasy
#4 in Action & Adventures


Words In Obscurity

Patrick A Fisher

Learn about the story of a priest who, serendipitously was invited to host the royal marriage ceremony. Not too long after being provided with this news, he decided to travel to the castle in order to make a proper ceremony. Soon enough he started to realize that the gothic fortress has many dark se... more info

Story about: gothic romance, fantasy world, romantic mystery

Ongoing: 22 Mar 11 pages
27 7 0

Rating: 2

#73 in Fantasy
#22 in Romantic fantasy


Black Rose


Execution. She was on the verge of execution as a war slave when Rumeria lost the war against its neighboring kingdom, Nesta. However, just when she was about to be beheaded, a voice echoed in the void and transported her consciousness to the past. Now that she was given a second chance, she will m... more info

Story about: roses and magic, romantic fantasy, transmigration

Ongoing: 27 Mar 6 pages
30 3 0

Rating: 0

#74 in Fantasy
#23 in Romantic fantasy
#213 in Romance
#12 in Historical Romance


Universal Consciousness- Alexis Karpouzos

alexis karpouzos

All ancient spiritual traditions suggest that the world is a unity and the multiplicity is only apparent. Modern science claims that the visible world of matter and the multiplicity is only apparent, the reality is unseen and invisible. Since different roads the mysticism and the rationalism lead to... more info

Story about: all things on earth are one: plants, animals

Ongoing: 20 Mar 2 pages
26 6 0

Rating: 1

#33 in Others
#9 in Non-fiction
#36 in Mystery
#18 in Supernaturals


Tales Of The Rocket Patrol

PJ Lowry

Defenders of the colonies, lawmen and arbitrators who settle disputes. Their sole function is to serve and protect the people. They are the Rocket Patrol!... more info

Story about: interstellar travel, interplanetary war, science fiction

Ongoing: 07 Apr 23 pages
54 4 0

Rating: 2

#15 in Science fiction
#4 in Space opera
#2 in Cyberpunk


Five Weeks


Anahita Maurya is the modern image of independent, liberated girl with an equally modern family background. Despite this, she is betrothed to her father's best friend's son, Yuvraaj, who knows nothing but to get under her skin. She clearly despised his presence in her life and adamantly employs all ... more info

Story about: he takes discipline very seriously, she loves to challenge rules, they are fated together by stars

Ongoing: 28 Mar 40 pages
733 88 2

Rating: 19

#102 in Romance
#11 in Contemporary fiction


Deadly Rose


The plan was to escape forever. To never go back. Not everyone is who they say they are. Revenge is all it's about. “Wha- how did you!?” She looked at the dead body laying on the concrete floor then back to Lucas who was also in shock with glowing hands.... more info

Story about: revenge, past, abilities

Ongoing: 19 Mar 73 pages
450 15 0

Rating: 5

#38 in Mystery
#19 in Supernaturals




Thirty one years old, Italy based Indian billionaire, Eklavya Singh Chauhan has only loved one girl. His love is dangerous and intoxicating. He's bottled up his feeling for the sake of their families and pledged that he will never let his dark love hover near her. Ergo, he stays in shadows, wishing ... more info

Story about: she is naive as a lamb, he is grey as dark cloud, their lovestory is one of a kind

Ongoing: 08 Apr 33 pages
2331 208 19

Rating: 41

#24 in Romance
#3 in Young adult


First Kiss

Andre N. Baltazar

A flash fiction about that feeling between lovers during their first kiss.... more info

Story about: the first kiss, flash fiction, romance

Ongoing: 18 Mar 2 pages
195 17 1

Rating: 1

#222 in Romance
#17 in Inspiration romance
#35 in Short stories


Stolen Moments from Time


Updesh Singhania is a traveller; he loves speed, mobility and clamor. Thrilling and adventurous his ways are and rest is the word he is unknown of. Life is a journey to him and while he is on the board, he wants to see as many places as he can; jump off as many cliffs as he can; run on as many track... more info

Story about: happines comes in small packages, she is soothing as rain, he is the raging storm

Ongoing: 26 Mar 6 pages
67 15 4

Rating: 4

#22 in Short stories
#18 in Contemporary fiction
#10 in ChickLit

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