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My nerd Husband


"You have to marry him Ahira"This words echoed inside my mind.My dad Rahim Ahuja the billionaire is marrying me to a guy who doesn't even have a identity.I have locked myself in my room from past 6 hours hoping my dad would reconsider his decision but it seems impossible. Follow this story of Ahira... more info

Story about: haters turn to lovers, mafia and action

Ongoing: 27 Jul 30 pages
1751 215

Rating: 25

#182 in Romance
#109 in Billionaires
#13 in Fantasy
#1 in Action fantasy


Tainted Secrets

Riya Sarkar

"I want to love you more.” “You don’t mean it.” She shakes her head at him and pushes his body off of her but he doesn’t budge instead he catches her hand in his fist and brings it to his lips to kiss. “Let me show you that I’m capable of loving you,” he pleads with his eyes. ... more info

Story about: forbidden love, boss and maid, mafia forced marriage abuse

Ongoing: 28 Jul 33 pages
2050 308

Rating: 91

#50 in Romance
#17 in Contemporary Romance
#6 in Romantic suspense


The Impact of Her - Season Two

Nicole Marcina

After a disastrous passage through the Sea of Gliss, Robert has finally awakened from his restful slumber. The Medicine King advised him to take time to heal himself. However, fate has its own plan for the prince of Western Wind. A wrong decision-making would affect his connection with Laura. And if... more info

Story about: firstlove, love at first sight, forbiddenlove

Ongoing: 26 Jul 142 pages
252 30

Rating: 1

#813 in Romance
#124 in Fantasy


Married for Revenge

Esther Benson

Tiana Maconlay an only child and a daddy's Princess lost her mother at a tender age, Her father is the only family she has left. She is loving, beautiful, and fun, she can be a bitch when she wants to. she thinks she has it all with a handsome fiance that loves her, A caring dad, her super bestie, ... more info

Story about: romance revenge betrayel love

Ongoing: 27 Jul 30 pages
1236 210

Rating: 26

#217 in Romance
#133 in Billionaires
#4 in Others
#3 in Humor


Two Worlds Apart

Alisha PJ

"Family", meant everything to Misha, for them, she can cross the river full of fire. Never in her life, she thought her family will come between her love. Meet Misha, A happy family-oriented Nepalese girl brought up in the US. Her life was going just fine like she planned. But what will happen, w... more info

Story about: family drama, epic love, romance and sacrifice

Ongoing: 26 Jul 45 pages
667 90

Rating: 7

#418 in Romance
#25 in Young adult


My Dear Devil

miss paik

''hey, you come here.'' Robin Steve most handsome lad in the whole university asked Jenna White to stop where she was. ''he'll bully me again'' Jenna whispered in his mouth and ignored him like he even doesn't exists. ''you, brat! i asked you to come here.'' he shouted and got on the way to catch ... more info

Story about: college love, hate love story, junior senior romance

Ongoing: 27 Jul 13 pages
298 66

Rating: 7

#242 in Romance
#14 in New Adult & College
#21 in Fantasy
#6 in Romantic fantasy


Destined To Be

Amina Yusuf Dalhatu

Wherever you are in this world, whereever you're hiding, one day you'll surely meet your soulmate and it's thesame case with Mahnoor Even when you're married and that person isn't destined to be yours, the relationship you share will never prosper and it will reach a point where it'll end. Nobody ... more info

Story about: love, betrayal, love lust love story

Ongoing: 26 Jul 52 pages
242 34

Rating: 4

#665 in Romance
#95 in Fantasy


Mafia's Vengeful Wife

Payal Mandal

"If you want to save your beloved Aai from the clutches of death, then you will have to marry me," he grinned evilly. "There is no way that I am going to marry someone like you," her eyes depicted pure anger and hatred. "Are you sure? Because your one decision can save your dead husband's mother ... more info

Story about: revenge and drama, mafialove, love and hate relationship

Ongoing: 26 Jul 49 pages
6756 572

Rating: 130

#1 in Contemporary fiction
#22 in Romance
#11 in Contemporary Romance


Billionaire's Unfortunate Marriage

yu tanit

*Daily Update* Book 1 in U-Tale Series: The Ceo and Doctor Romance. Tale of the unfortunate marriage.... more info

Story about: lies and secrets, doctor falls in love with businessman, contract love

Ongoing: 27 Jul 49 pages
2697 302

Rating: 35

#54 in Romance
#29 in Billionaires


Hate To Love You

The Chrysanthemum

This is the story about Samarth and Shrutha, who were in love with each other, but separated. What could be the reason for it? This story involves romance, friendship, hate. Read to know more.... more info

Story about: friendship, hateandlove, romance love

Ongoing: 26 Jul 13 pages
353 72

Rating: 8

#601 in Romance
#11 in Others
#10 in Humor


Mystery Couple


"One day, you will meet someone and your life will never be the same.", Just one quote someone said to me when I was young. I never believed in this but when I saw my favourite band member from "Trouble" I knew that the guy who said that was right. Meet Sabrina and her new life when everything tur... more info

Story about: billionaire, billionaire love, rockstar scandal hollywood love

Ongoing: 26 Jul 38 pages
157 48

Rating: 4

#599 in Romance
#318 in Billionaires


His Blind Senorita


Ava Maxwell, a sightless, beautiful and innocent soul, and an amazing pianist with darkness as her second skin. "Darkness", that's the only word for her irrespective of any colour or sight. Her world revolves around the piano, the door to her mother's embrace, and she aspires to illuminate her dead ... more info

Story about: inspirational romance, pianist, bestfriend

Ongoing: 26 Jul 39 pages
96 12

Rating: 1

#523 in Romance
#19 in Inspiration romance


Endless Black (part 2)


The web of conspiracy surrounds Rose. After the betrayal from Ash she broke down but the moment she thought to give up on her life someone kidnap her. Who kidnapped Rose? Are they old enemies? And the biggest question - Is Ash the one who tried to assault Rose? All this untold question will be answ... more info

Story about: reveng, victim point of view, weak to strong

Ongoing: 27 Jul 18 pages
132 25

Rating: 8

#409 in Romance
#100 in Contemporary Romance
#16 in Inspiration romance


A Night With The Billionaire

Monic Tony

Meet Lorena Williams, a college dropout but a hard-working woman. She loves reading her novels; her way to escape her reality. She's in love with the mere thought of love itself and hopes that one day, she will be swept off her feet. What happens when handsome billionaire, Benjamin Harrison liter... more info

Story about: love, romance, billionaire

Ongoing: 26 Jul 41 pages
9322 594

Rating: 60

#65 in Romance
#40 in Billionaires


The Black Dahlia

Pratiksha Routray

Cartels rule the underworld these days, Be it drugs or weapons, you name it and they sell it, sneaking millions of dollars under the noses of the authorities worldwide. They function like a well-oiled machinery and each part knows its functions like clockwork. They operate in the shadows and those w... more info

Story about: betrayal, secrets, hatelove

Ongoing: 26 Jul 73 pages
1272 104

Rating: 13

#30 in Mystery
#18 in Romantic mystery
#61 in Thrillers & Suspense
#9 in Crime fiction


His Love

Nikita Sarkar

Ishita a college student also a simple girl who has a simple middle class family but they are happy,on her first day of college she came across with Rihan who falls in love but he doesn't know how to get her attention so he bullied her without knowing that instead of loving him she can hate him for... more info

Story about: billionaire, forcedlove, happy ending

Ongoing: 27 Jul 69 pages
9296 368

Rating: 71

#87 in Romance
#53 in Billionaires
#5 in Young adult
#1 in School


Supernatural: Night Terror


Dean and Sam head to colorado when Bobby calls them. Its seems like the nightmares have gone real and they haunting the people and killing them. Sam and Dean need to hurry.... more info

Story about: sam and dean winchester, strange happenings, detectives

Ongoing: 26 Jul 52 pages
48 13

Rating: 1

#7 in Fanfiction
#51 in Mystery


Another Story of an Antagonist

Chrisade Dee

Antagonist'Corner Series #1 Samantha Artemis Anderson believed that she was born to be the antagonist. She never ever had her happy ending. She strives and fought for everything and still, she ends up empty-handed and taking the title of the bad guy. If this is just another typical Cinderella sto... more info

Story about: rebel, royalty, racer girl first love

Ongoing: 28 Jul 18 pages
63 5

Rating: 3

#45 in Contemporary fiction
#23 in ChickLit
#753 in Romance
#174 in Contemporary Romance

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Affair With The Married Ceo

Barnali Bhuiya

"I'm married.", The man who was standing infront of Calista in his black suit said so while holding her hand, trying to stop her. "I don't care... It's going to be an one night stand only. All you need to do is to sleep with me, just accompany me for tonight...", She was mumbling again, being all d... more info

Story about: forbidden love, possessive male lead, romance with a married ceo

Ongoing: 26 Jul 121 pages
29955 692

Rating: 148

#105 in Romance
#6 in Mystery
#4 in Romantic mystery


Brown-Eyed Heaven

Chauna-lea Tricia Mikien

A wealthy teenage virgin falls in love with her extremely wealthy boyfriend. His family is part of a political dynasty & one of the richest in the world. She makes a rape accusation against him that nearly derails their relationship and his family comes after her hard.... more info

Story about: highschool, billionaires, first true love

Ongoing: 26 Jul 215 pages
1946 50

Rating: 3

#31 in Contemporary fiction
#7 in Urban life

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