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Amina Yusuf Dalhatu

Different personalities  ♡ ♡ In front of our families, we're well cultured while the world knows us as criminals  Two worlds, same attitude and ego, what will happen when their fate is intertwined; Will you like you when you meet you? Dive in and see the extraordinary romance ... more info

Story about: love and power, love betrayal cheating revenge, love and doubt

Ongoing: 26 Jul 103 pages
2167 91

Rating: 16

#12 in Mystery
#269 in Romance



Jules Lamptey

Liana who never met her parents have been living in mystery until she met business mogul Pharrell on his business trip to Spain. He made her fall in love with him making her believe that he will take her to USA and make her life better. He left at the end of his three months trip without saying a wo... more info

Story about: love, love betrayal, naive girl

Ongoing: 25 Jul 98 pages
22603 751

Rating: 105

#94 in Romance
#58 in Billionaires


Dragon blitz: vicious suns

Michael A. Romain

Blah blah blah ... more info

Story about: blah blah balh

Ongoing: 25 Jul 1 pages
1 0

Rating: 0

#221 in Fantasy


The Guardian Devil

S. Srivastava

Can a devil protect an angel from all the darkness of the world..but more importantly from the darkness that consumes him? Lucifer Knight- An epitome of ruthlessness, power, a cold-hearted beast who shows no mercy and is emotionless. He founds a ray of light in the kind and innocent Angela- the onl... more info

Story about: multi billionaire, mafia romance, overprotective and caring male lead

Ongoing: 25 Jul 118 pages
17842 596

Rating: 128

#147 in Romance
#90 in Billionaires
#26 in Romantic suspense


Lovestruck - A Mafia Love Story

Wanda Vision

Bailey Ann decides to give herself to the Mafia King, Edward Grayson, only when she sees no other way to find some money for her father's surgery. Although, she is pulled into this trouble because of her own twin sister, Hailey, who messed with the Mafia King. Hailey demands to give her all the mone... more info

Story about: mafia billonaire, mafiaromance, mafia don falls in love

Ongoing: 28 Jul 22 pages
801 147

Rating: 23

#183 in Romance
#34 in Romantic suspense
#109 in Billionaires


Taming Davis

Mi Raine , MasktahD

Ava Villaflor is a very successful woman who owns HgT, a talent, recording, and production company that stood all the years of excellence. She's a beauty who has a fiery strong personality; she doesn't know how to give up and much to admit defeat. Until she accepted the challenge to tame the most fa... more info

Story about: love, billionare, taming

Ongoing: 27 Jul 179 pages
6229 256

Rating: 26

#281 in Romance
#7 in Inspiration romance


Eyes of Muniz

Vanessa Marume

Marisa Muniz is a beautiful young woman who has got nothing but her name and a sick, dying grandmother. Working at one of the notable companies has brought her to a closer proximity with a proud and selfish man, Michael Howard. This man will not let anything get in the way of what he wants... Even ... more info

Story about: love, billionaire, billionaire man lovehate

Ongoing: 25 Jul 24 pages
568 68

Rating: 9

#395 in Romance
#212 in Billionaires
#97 in Contemporary Romance


Sleeping Together

Constance Marounta

“You ate cupcakes again?” he mumbled. She nodded in his chest. “Strawberry?” he asked. Again she nodded. “Saved one for me?” She shook her head and he chuckled. *Slow Updates*... more info

Story about: love and pain, bullying, suicidal girl

Ongoing: 25 Jul 15 pages
111 15

Rating: 2

#28 in Young adult
#454 in Romance


Will you ever be mine?

Cvsmix Clvudii

This is the story of Ethan and Kathleen. Ethan, is really grumpy and moody all the time. He ignores people who care for him and he never tried to be in someone's good books. He doesn't care about anyone and do anything that makes him happy. But Ethan had a special place in his heart for his friend... more info

Story about: love triangle and strong feelings, story is about the love, love and hatred

Ongoing: 25 Jul 143 pages
5394 216

Rating: 20

#176 in Romance
#11 in New Adult & College
#6 in Inspiration romance


Enslaved Princess

Eggovin star

About the book Halimat is a princess who was captured and demoted to a slave,she finds herself in a new kingdom where she meets prince Murad .A rude and arrogant prince who wanta nothing but her virginity,will she succomb despite all punishment and torture her mete out on her?........... more info

Story about: dark romance, royalty, revenge

Ongoing: 24 Jul 9 pages
263 17

Rating: 2

#416 in Romance
#16 in Inspiration romance


Winterville Academy:ivie


Like every teenromance novel ever read,The good girl always falls for the bad boy.The down to earth,anti-social book worm falling for the dangerous,mysterious and rebellious badass.Things like that happen in such books and in this one as well.The difference?,there isn't that much difference but i t... more info

Story about: clichés

Ongoing: 27 Jul 7 pages
15 2

Rating: 1

#71 in Contemporary fiction
#23 in Urban life
#89 in Young adult
#36 in School


Illusion Expectations

Dinah Pits

A young girl who lives in an illusion for five months. But what will happen when everything she thought was true turns out to be fake.... more info

Story about: lies and deceptions, illusion, pregancy

Ongoing: 25 Jul 17 pages
13 4

Rating: 1

#1201 in Romance
#91 in Young adult


Wrong man, right kiss


A lady find herself in a love triangle between two handsome brothers, but one isn't what he claims to be!!. Read to find out?. ... more info

Story about: loving the wrong person

Ongoing: 25 Jul 66 pages
1169 140

Rating: 16

#351 in Romance
#192 in Billionaires



Ryo Francis

Set in the Philippines, two sisters in their teens discover a billionaire’s plan of taking over the world by using his new COVID-19 vaccine that turns people NUMB making them do his bidding.... more info

Story about: survival, conspiracy theories, philippine setting

Ongoing: 25 Jul 24 pages
1321 2

Rating: 4

#39 in Science fiction
#338 in Mystery


The String of Fate

faiza nusrika

A fateful encounter changed two lives completely. She almost thought that it was impossible for her to find true love. And just then, love kicked into her life and connected the string of her fate to someone else's. What will happen when the cheerful, caring and gentle Dr. Aiden Williams is forced i... more info

Story about: love at first sight, forced marriage, funny

Ongoing: 27 Jul 22 pages
871 117

Rating: 15

#210 in Romance


The Ceo & The Christian Girl

Nicole Lam

ALEXANDER STEELE: Cold-hearted. Hard-headed. Absolutely jaded. And he doesn't believe in love - or expect that any of the above will change with the marriage contract he signs. KATERINA DEVEREAUX: Gentle. Selfless. Just as stubborn as her future husband. She doesn't know if she can change him - b... more info

Story about: arranged marriage, billionaire man, heartless

Ongoing: 27 Jul 122 pages
20834 591

Rating: 85

#35 in Romance
#19 in Billionaires
#1 in Inspiration romance


A Hearty Proposal

Vijay Kerji

Manu Pai, a Software Engineer, becomes grief-stricken after his father is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He and his mother decide to fulfill his father’s last wish of seeing Manu getting married to a decent girl. Manu sees a girl, Pallavi Dixit, and gets attracted by her beauty. But Pallavi is... more info

Story about: young adult romance, indian romance, indian arranged marriage

Ongoing: 25 Jul 103 pages
413 35

Rating: 6

#721 in Romance
#33 in Inspiration romance
#168 in Contemporary Romance


Mystery At The Mansion

Vijay Kerji

Rithika Menon, a college professor, has been murdered in her flat. At the time of the murder, her husband, Sampath Menon, is out shopping for groceries. Sampath's younger brother and his girlfriend hear Rithika screaming before she is murdered. Detective Mayur Varma decides to investigate the case. ... more info

Story about: mystery, detective, suspense mystery

Ongoing: 25 Jul 73 pages
376 25

Rating: 9

#41 in Mystery
#69 in Thrillers & Suspense
#12 in Crime fiction


Beneath all that Glitz

Rubia Ali

Paige eagerly awaits Owen to confess his feelings to her. Wish granted Love of your life is down on one knee with a far so good for Paige Until It's time to meet Owen's family. It's then she stumbles upon one secret after another. Join Paige in this hilarious journey as sh... more info

Story about: family and friends, secrets revealed, shhh

Ongoing: 25 Jul 90 pages
737 55

Rating: 7

#12 in Others
#11 in Humor
#620 in Romance
#140 in Contemporary Romance



A story for everyone

In very world we know many generations of a great samurai clans has protected our world from the evil Gorrens. On their own each of the clans were powerful, but together their union could create a power far greater than their individual powers. Now after many centuries of this great tradition of pas... more info

Story about: magic, unity, samurai

Ongoing: 26 Jul 2 pages
2 0

Rating: 0

#223 in Fantasy
#10 in Action fantasy
#8 in Epic fantasy

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