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Pdt: don't fall in love!


En el texto hay:suspens, romance accion, mystery

Restricción: 18+

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Publicación: 11.10.2020 — ...

Sinopsis del libro "Pdt: don't fall in love!"

A camp was supposed to be for fun and meeting nice people, but no one warned me that my parents would send me to one who would have a slightly strange tradition, the rules of the game were already dictated, the main one is not to fall in love and the second is to have the five alert senses, if you break one of these two rules, you are out of the game. But it can be said that the strange thing begins when the participants begin to receive letters or annotations with suggestions and warnings from previous players, but a specific card dagger was only given to the strongest of the competition, in reality I never thought that me and my teammates could receive one of the mystery cards and that we were too strong to continue in the game.

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