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Three Stars, Genesis Cosmic Order

Peter O Marz

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Sinopsis del libro "Three Stars, Genesis Cosmic Order"

A journey aboard a ray of light, traveling 300,000 thousand kilometers per second, is our transport to the past 15,000 thousand years away. We cross the vast cosmos through wormholes also known as Einstein-Rosen Bridge, entering ferocious black holes to reach. We were Three Sun System. Each system is formed from 20 super planets, giants compared to our solar system.
Its inhabitant’s blonde men and women, huge as Angels welcome us. There were Showing their custom and advanced technology, in Motherships and settlers on inhospitable planets, inhabited by colonies.
His biotechnology and scientific advances, he was interacting with less developed civilizations and his legacy. Like the pyramids.
Your coexistence with your system neighbors, well come for an adventure without limits.

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