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When You Leave Your Heart Behind Book 1

Lara Soultaker

En el texto hay:bad boy drama true love, romance celos sexo, romance +18

Restricción: 18+

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#8933 en Erótica romántica
#4290 en Joven Adulto

Pausado: 26 Mar 11 pág.

Publicación: 26.03.2021 — ...

Sinopsis del libro "When You Leave Your Heart Behind Book 1"

Larissa Diaz is a college student with her future planned down to the smallest detail. Among her friends is Dilan, who is in love with her and will do anything to make her his. But when she meets Tristan, they both fall in love and live a passionate romance. However, after Tristan disappoints her, life takes many turns; she will be tempted to accept Dilan. Who will try to steal her with lies, take her away from everyone to make her his finally. Still, love is not always perfect. They will find themselves between infidelities, temptations, and fatal accidents. Still, life takes turns and can separate them. At that moment, she will question if their love will be enough to unite them again. Maybe she should surrender to Dilan's charms and move forward or get the passionate love she always d

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