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Yanara and the ice mirrors

Sasami Hanatsuki

En el texto hay:magic, romance and fantasy, snow queen

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Publicación: 22.03.2021 — 22.03.2021

Sinopsis del libro "Yanara and the ice mirrors"

Everyone has heard about the famous story of Hans Christian Andersen, The Snow Queen, but does anyone really know who the Snow Queen is? In this tale, Sasami Hanatsuki explores this woman’s past and tells us how she became a maiden of ice.

Cover design Terrence Graham
Translation by Cristian Bustos Vera

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Chiki San
22.03.2021, 15:12:26

As a big fan of Hans Christian Andersen, I am very impressed to see a spinoff of his most remarkable work. Very amazing job and really interesting tale this one is. Really enjoyed it.

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