371 Days With You


Xyver's POV

"See you tomorrow!"

I wave goodbye and turn on my heel.

I had come from the National Bookstore to buy a novel frequently recommended to me. It was expensive and thick, as novels must be— right? The book was recommend to me by my brother's wife. She and I actually have the same hobby, which is why we thought to exchange thoughts and recommendations. It's almost like it's our bonding activity of sorts.

I planned to take a seat, but there were no available seats at the moment which made it all the worse for my feet which were already tired from walking.

I sigh when I remember— today is a Friday. Most students from nearby schools huddled in the mall.

*ring ring*

I take my phone from my right pocket.

I speak into the receiver, "Hello?"

"Did you buy the book?" a male voice replies.

Huh? Oh, maybe my sister-in-law mentioned it.


"Cool. Also, we're in the ice rink," Through the phone did I hear his voice, along with the sound of metal blades slithering against ice.

I take in my surroundings and notice I was already near the ice rink. No wonder it was getting colder.

"Okay. On my way," I answer.

"By the way, we have snacks here. Eat first before going home."

Ah, that's good to hear. "Okay. Bye."

"Bye." And he hung up.

Pocketing my phone, I hurriedly walk and singled out my brother from the crowd. I figured they were near the ice cream stalls, but there were multitudes of people passing by which made it harder for me to walk, let alone get there.

"Xyver!" I hear someone call out to me.

I saw my brother waving at me. I walk nearer to him, and sit beside him.

"We'll be leaving in forty, now, eat up."

I nod, and munch on the churros and sip on my warm chocolate drink.

"Mama! The girl with pink hair is so cool! She jumped and landed smoothly!" a child exclaims in wonder.

The mother turned to where her daughter was pointing, and hummed thoughtfully. "Hmmm, maybe she's an ice skater?"

I watch the people inside the ice rink and look for the same girl with pink hair that held the child captive in awe.

And there I see her— a girl with ruby pink hair wearing an outfit purely the color of snow. She is gliding through the ice effortlessly while flaunting a blank expression on her face.


How? How can she effortlessly make my heart skip a beat?

I brought my hand to my heart which seemed to want to escape my chest, and wondered after her.




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