4th Dimension

its not like that

Her scholarship was dependent on her hard work but despite her hard work there was no result and she was not coping up with one of her subjects.Sarah was about to weep after her below average performance in presentation. As usual having a look on Hamad had confused her and she couldn't present the given topic properly. 

“Sir is asking for you. He has asked you to come in the library” Faraz came to the room and gave her the message. The most unwanted message had come. she nodded her head. 

“ it took me half an hour to search you so be quick now" he added and left the room. She had to gather all her strength to get up and go to see Hamad. She entered the library from back door seeing Hamad sitting there but then left. It took her five more minutes to enter the library again and go towards the corner where he was sitting. 

“Why do you get puzzled. I know that you are having  A grade in all other assignments and presentations but in my subject you are... . You know you may fail.” He said to her trying to look into her eyes. 

She could just have a look at the man but as soon as she found him looking at her she turned her face. 

‘’why does he look at me. I feel as if eye will melt me.’’ she said to herself  

“Tell me please. Tell me all that you are saying to your own self. let’s sort out the problem to end it.” He asked politely. 

“I ...... just. You are” some words came out of her mouth. 

“I am a problem for you” Hamad was surprised 

“Yes... no I mean no. it's not like that.” now an interest had been developed in knowing the reason behind such a behaviour. so he asked her more politely, 

“Go there and stand in front of that mirror. Talk to that mirror. Look if it is just a mirror or a reflection of you Is there in it. Find if this is mere reflection or you your self is there. Look deep into your own eyes and talk to your own self.” 

“I will ....... yes I will do that but not here I will........but at home.”  Sarah  replied in her great hurry to get rid of the place and the person. 

“The problem exists here so how can you ponder at home” Hamad had to hide his expressions. It was the first time that a student of him was reacting in such a way. someone was trying hard to go away from him. 

She was looking at herself in the mirror. After two minutes she turned and without taking a second breath she had emptied her mind .  “Your gestures that I saw that day have shaken my personality. I lose my confidence in front of you and can’t perform.’’ 

“Believe me....... it all was not a conscious reaction of mine. How can I do such thing to you or to anyone I see anywhere. I don’t know how sensitively you have taken impression.” He had recalled all the matter now. 

“You know I have met you in the farmhouse before seeing you in the University. No one ever treated me in the way that you treated that day. My fault was that I crossed the fence but it was because of that beautiful garden. I was told that no one lives in that farmhouse but unfortunately you came there. Your gestures, your rudeness and the way you asked me to go all was such a hit on me that I could not bear. This all is penetrated somewhere deep inside me. You know all the other teachers are happy with my performance but it's only you in front of whom I can’t speak." 

“Oh my God you haven’t forgotten that.” Hamad  Himself had not expected that he could be questioned for his deed. 

“If you receive such a treatment then how will you forget and how will you save yourself from Being affected from that.” It was Sarah’s turn now 

“I’m so sorry.” He was made to say this.he also made addition. “ it's not like that........ really it's not like that I'm not that kind of person as you consider me. my unconscious action was totally out of my own control and doesn't even match with my own personality. I just can't do such a thing as hurt someone to that extent that his personality is affected and I assure you that I will never ever do such a thing as may hurt anyone. please accept my apology and forgive me for that my dear student. I know you can’t forget that day but you can add my apologies into those memories so that you may regain your confidence And face me in the same way as you face all the others in this world. I mean with your smile that always accompany you everywhere except in front of me.” The words had Performed their miracle and the next assignment proved her a very strong competitor among the class. She was now happy about her results and hopeful about the scholarship as well. 

The end of the semester was close now but Hamad’s PHD program has met a permanent delay. Sima had given the information that this is because of his mother who is not letting son go away. 

“ May she never let him.” She wished and moved towards library. ‘ Oh my God what was I thinking just a moment ago. what is that I just don't understand my own self and my certain feelings towards that person. how do I do that’’. she nodded her head and entered the library. 

‘hello dear why are you not paying attention towards your surroundings. I have been calling you since you were in the corridor.” Nimra reached her. I wanted to ask about the assignment. Sir Hamad has praised your assignment a lot and all of the classis jealous because of that. I want to see how do you make your assignment. can you please give me for a day?’’ she asked. 
“oh! Nothing very special. what I did was research and gather the available information. now a days information is just at the distance of a click and because of online libraries. you are not merely dependent on lectures and university library.” Sarah was telling her. “sir found that assignment is not merely copy of his lecture so he liked that.” She explained while handing over his assignment to her.  

‘ In fact we are from educational background where teachers bounded us to follow what they say. They made our habit of copying their words for our assignments and now at University level it takes a lot of time to get rid of that habit. 
“oh my God..... I have lost my gold chain somewhere. “ Nimra got puzzled and started looking at the flour impatiently.  
“sit calm and recall all the places where you have gone today.” 
“I ...... I am just unable to think”. She said 
“please come with me and help me search.” 
“ if you please sit here just for five minutes, I hope I will help you in finding your chain.” 
“what are you saying. Any one who gets a gold chain will take it. It only a little hope that may be some honest person gets it.” 
“come here and sit..... quite as well” Sarah said in a calm way. 
“ Sarah ...... Ok” she was surprised at her but followed her instruction. 
“I think you were not wearing your chain while entering the gate of the university.  call someone at home. perhaps your chain is laying on your side table.” 
astonished to know that Nimra called her mother and found Sarah correct. 
“how do you know” 
“this is a God gifted ability.” 
“but what is it called" 
“I meditate and get the result of my focused point.” 
“means you know what the teacher is going to assign.” 
“no ..... it need much practice. I just get the glimpse of past. anything flashes back on my mind.” 
“waaao !do some practice and tell us the question paper.” 
“hahahaha it will be a crime at a certain level. so, forgive me. 
‘’oh, your honesty.’’ Sarah forbade her to tell anyone but she could not resist and had told many of the class fellows about Sarah’s capability.  


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