A Billionaire's Pet Project


     They boarded the ACJ 340 around 5:00 pm ... late afternoon. Even though, Raul appeared pre-occupied, he attended to her comforts quite expertly. 

     "Dinner's ... where exactly?" she inquired with much curiosity. 

     "Exactly where it all started," he responded in an amused voice. 

     "Yeah! No need to remind me of my 'wicked past,' she added with regrets. 

     "On the contrary ... had it not been for the minor infraction, I would not have caught you in my arms in this 'forever story,' Raul added in sincere truth. 

     She blushed as memories of their first encounter invaded her innermost thoughts. 

     They were seated together in the luxurious, private dining and lounge area when Brittany made an unrelatable remark.

     "Hypocrite ... that's who I am."

     "Excuse," Raul questioned ... confusion evident in the tone of his voice. 

     "I reprimanded Mom and Nancy for accepting your extravagant gift items ... and here I am in fancy dress, 5.1 million diamond necklace, in ACJ 340 - Flying Palace ... sipping Dom Perignon Rose Gold 1996 ... 49 000 - Mathusalem. God! ... and I'm loving every part of it. I am in heaven and on my way to hell. Perfect!" Brittany exclaimed in a moment of self-reflection and drowned the contents of her glass in a single gulp ... quick swallow.

     "Do you always analyze your happiness? Aren't you thankful for His countless blessings? Whatever you have been 'gifted' with ... I have earned with much hard work. You are my wife-to-be and I will continue to provide for you in whatever way that I can ... with honest hands," he confessed with genuine truth. 

     "You are the single, most important person in my life. If you are happy ... I am happy. You deserve happiness ... now and forever. Don't feel guilty about your newfound happiness ... embrace it all, that I might rejoice in it," he revealed with deep emotion. 

     "I have never stepped in your shoes, but you have walked in mine. Two sides of the same coin ... what's the difference? You have disclosed much in a philosophical way. A lesson has been learnt ... my handsome tutor. I should thank you," she added with a provocative suggestion. 

     " ... and I know exactly how in a private session," he continued with the 'sexual motive.'

     "Free tuition ... if you're interested," he suggested with an application of raised eyebrows and a wicked smile. 

     "Interested ... sounds quiet promising," Brittany continued to engage him in a conversational form of 'sexual foreplay.'

     "Oh! I guarantee ... you will not regret," Raul promised in a husky tone as his right hand slowly trailed down the length of her deep, plunging neckline. 

     "I believe you," she agreed with sinful conflict. 

     He made love to her mind with erotic words that defined sexual purpose with explicit intensity that demanded little or none physical contact. The inexplicable verbal release intoxicated her senses into a heated frenzy of pure, intense desire.

     Brittany was completely fascinated by his skillful competency in the arts of lovemaking. He had channeled her 'sexual thrill,' into an episode of indescribable pleasure, which ended with the most explosive climax triggered by his masterful execution dictated in original sin. 

     "You must be proud of yourself," she commented in the aftermath of complete satisfaction. 

     "Absolutely ... my net worth is nothing compared to the flushed, satisfied look you present right now ... and here I am, still 'surfing,' he added without any form of regret. 

     "Need help?" she asked offering her wicked hands. 

     He contemplated the suggestion, then simply remarked. 

     "No! Not like this."

     "I could exploit you with erotic words too ... you know that right?" she asked in a determined voice. 

     "I'm fully aware of your 'enchanting capabilities' my love ... still have our little, 'phone episode' registered in the deep recesses of my wicked mind," Raul revealed with great pleasure. 

     "Then let me talk you through it," she insisted.

     "I would love nothing more minx, but your 'worded intervention' would present some untimely setbacks in our current circumstances," Raul disclosed on a regrettable note. 

     "We are so not on the same page right now, for I absolutely don't 'get it,' ... whatever do you mean?" she questioned in a delusional state of genuine confusion. 

     "I will update you shortly ... that's a promise," he disclosed, hoping not to prompt her curiosity. 

     "I trust you my Prince. Need to 'freshen up' before we land ... excuse," she requested sweetly. 

     "Of course! Do you need me? Just need to make a few, quick calls," he revealed. 

     "Always will ... no problem," she replied and accepted with complete understanding. 

     Raul's 'business agenda' demanded his constant attention which involved frequent 'getaway' arrangements, proposal activities and unlimited decision making ... work related plans. 

     Yet, she knew something was amiss ... not quite right. The whimsical belief gave birth to annoyance which she pampered with unnecessary doubts. Brittany knew that his 'work load' entailed his unending attention though, her 'sixth sense' ... female intuition was on 'red alert.' The warning signals were quite difficult to ignore.

     Brittany approached him with an attractive challenge. She stood before him, legs partly opened and whispered. 

     "Do I possess enough to distract your Highness from his royal duties?"

     Raul immediately ended the call and asked.

     "You are my first priority ... never question that angel. What has prompted this reaction etched with uncertainty?"

     "I should say 'sorry' my Prince, but I fear my doubts will not cease to exist," she explained in a modest voice. 

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