A change of blood


In writing these confidences I have lived through everything again. The sweet and bitter times, the victories and defeats, the pleasures and the pains come back to my mind, memories that are transcribed on paper to be discovered by you. I know that you, by living them through reading, will understand the reason for the decision I make today and that could perhaps change yours. One that in my opinion has been unfair.

To try to convince you, to try to make you understand, through these notes I will open myself to you. I have an extraordinary secret reserved that I will reveal to you if you allow me, if you grant me at least this. I want to tell you everything from the beginning but it will not be easy, so I will ask you to put aside logic, prejudice, and any taboos you may have. I need it for you to trust me, you need it to know the evidence of the true. Keep your mind and heart open because if you dedicate your attention to me you will have a broader vision of me, of you, of all of us, but the fundamental key to this is precisely the most difficult to say. I have spent the last days breaking my head, looking for a way to let it go without losing the little faith you have left in me ... You must have it, or you wouldn't be reading to me ... If you are doing it ... I pray that I will. In every newspaper you have in your hands, I have taken it for granted that you understand with maturity what I will tell you, so whether or not you continue from now on will be purely your question.

I was born as a common human being, but I rarely felt that way. I know it may be weird for you, but for me it was normal and even expected. It happens ... That those around me were not.

Ordinary people ... People ... Human beings. They were not.

I don't know if this disappoints or excites you, but I grew up under the care of two vampires.

Real vampires, creatures of the night, blood drinkers ... Assassins. My brother and my wet nurse were. They are ... And so am I.

We all are.

My childhood was different from yours, Diego, my brother, I used to see him less often than I would have liked, but the face of my nana Athir was the one I always saw from my cradle and who he loved as a mother. She was a slave who had been assigned to me, although I was not descended from royalty, my origins were common since my parents were homo sapiens. They Yes. And like I said, I was born like you. But Diego worked for the Zethee, the supreme leader of the vampires, the sole source of glory, wealth, and law among us. In consideration of his service, the Zethee granted that Athir be provisionally relieved of the submissive servitude he rendered to him to take charge of me as long as I needed him. In this way I knew as a child that at the time my nature would change and I would stop being. My organism, life cycle, nutrition, behavior and even my instincts would be renewed. It would be a new creature and that new life granted is what I want to show you. Soon you will know why. I want to start by building in your mind the panorama of what my world was up to the moment when everything started. As a child I was educated at home because what for me were routines, for the rest were dementias, diabolical acts, or simply fantasies. It was only when I reached maturity enough to understand what things I could talk to others and what I could not, did I begin to live with ordinary people. And I must say it! My personality used to scare everyone away, with my satires on death, my fondness for the dark, and my obsession with blood. I wasn't consuming it by then, of course, but I liked the stories that involved it. Thus, while before the world I acted as one more girl, at home I formed myself for the life that awaited me, the vampiric customs that you will know from now on, if you give me the opportunity to reach you through these pages. Everything that is coming into your hands right now, in addition to being something to which you have the undeniable right to know, I send with a single claim: Submit to your judgment.

I'm going to show you how we got to the hell we're trapped in today, and why I think my next acts, while radical, are the only thing that can save us.

It is important for you to know: I had never had any encounter with unknown vampires, not until the fateful September of 1964, at which point I decided to start your journey through my memories.

A Krysna

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