Althaia ( The Collision of Three ).

In which he gets angry

“Works all the time, besides I figure if whether it works or not, at least I made them smile,” and I let put a small laugh at his cute confidence

“Well I’ve gotta say Lulu if you aren’t careful, I think I might end up a certain someone’s Barbie” I throw Luke’s way in teasing tone and Amber bellows in laughter and Richards lets out a soft chuckle

“Careful Al, you don’t wanna play that game now love” Luke shoots my way a knowing smirk on his lips

“Oh yea, what if I’m queen of the game, what then?” I question with one of my brows raised in question, he only chuckles shaking his head

“Looks like you’re still lacking game little brother” Hank throws Luke’s way smirking and I know before I see it, all humour leaves Luke’s eyes and I can’t help but wonder what the history is between them.

“Okay enough chit chat, now everybody, eat your dinner” Rose shuts us all up. She keeps light conversation with Richard. Looking at the food on the table I know I’m not going to get a taste of everything, so I settle for a chicken drumstick, a big spoon of rice and some salary, even then I doubt I’d finish it all.

Luke looks at my plate as he serves himself more than I have for myself and says

“That can’t be all you’re eating” giving me a surprised look, I shake my head a I say

“I really don’t eat much”

“You know you don’t have to keep pleasantries up, I won’t like you any lesser if you ate more than that you know” he says

“But I mean it, I literally can’t eat much, if I force myself, it won’t end very well for me” I say lowly so only the two of us can hear. He looks at me as if wanting to insist that I eat more, but he decides against it as he gives a frim nod.

The rest of the dinner goes on without incident, Amber, ken and I keep light conversation between the three of us as the others either talk about business or plans Rose has about something I couldn’t rally catch. When we’re all done, Luke disappears with hank along with their farther, Rose doesn’t even look my way as she also leaves. The eleven-year-old and seventeen-year-old offer to show me around the house knowing Luke will probably be long in his dad’s office.

After admiring their grand kitchen, their lounge, their cinema, their gaming room, their indoor pool, as well as their endless number of bedrooms and bathrooms, Ken disappears to his, and Amber pulls me toward a bedroom she says belong to Luke. It appears unlived in but clean with no speck of dust. The colour pattern is between white, grey and black. A bed three times my owns size if not four, sits in the middle, opposite it are two doors painted black.

Amber gets a call and leaves me on my own, and I decide to explore. I open one of the doors and it turns out to lead to a grand bathroom with a tub that looks like it would be heaven to bathe in. I walk out to open the other bigger door, and of course it leads to a walk in closet about the size of my own apartment. One side ranges from shirts to dress pants and suit jackets, the other consist of sweatshirts and sweatpants, t-shirts, some jeans. The end side opposite the door has dress shoes and sneakers. There are also some drawers.

Walking back into the room, I see three picture frames on the night stand, one is of Amber, ken and Luke, the other is of the entire family, and the last one is of Luke and a beautiful girl with raven hair and hazel eyes, looks to be around the age of Amber, and she has this breath taking smile, and I can’t help the stab through my heart thinking she might be an ex-girlfriend or along the lines. I know she must be special if he keeps a picture of her on his night stand. I’m startled out of my thoughts when I hear an angry voice and I drop the picture

“What the f*ck do you think you’re doing!” Luke exclaims angrily as he looks from me to the shattered frame on the floor. He looks at me in pure hatred as he slowly grits out

“Get. Out”

“Im sor-‘ I try to apologise but he doesn’t want to hear it as he shouts

“I. Said. Get. Out!”

With that I scurry out only to almost run into Rose and she snarls at me as she says

“Oh sweetheart, I’d run and never look back, you’re just like the rest of them, he won’t keep you for long”. With that she walks away and I’m left dumbfounded.

I know I’m just his pretend girlfriend, but I can’t figure out why her words hurt the way they do, trying to keep the dam from bursting through my eyes with how both have treated me tonight, I try to navigate my way through the house. As I near the door another voice questions

“Is there anything I can assist you with Miss?” I know it’s Frank, I don’t turn around as I keep facing the door when I ask

“Do you know if David is outside, I’d like him to drive me home please” trying to keep my voice as steady as possible.

“Of course Miss, I’ll inform him for you, and he’ll be around in a short while” as I hear him walk away, I walk out the front door of the mansion.

David pulls up before me, before he can get out to open the door for me, I jump into the back.

“Home, please David” I mutter. Biting my bottom lip to stop a sob from wrecking out. David says nothing further and drives away.

Conie Reigh

Edited: 10.01.2021

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