Away from Home

Chapter 3: Life in a Cell and as a Guinea pig

Three days had passed after Jojen and the others were caught by the police. He became mental. The white room made him hallucinate of his dead father. The freshly cut marijuana weed crisp and forces Jojen to become even more mental. The leaf was showcased in a small glass box with four small holes on top where Jojen could not break open, no matte rhow much he tried to pull, or bite into it. He craved for them, crazed for them.

That was what the scientists beyond the glass walls were wanting to see. They studied Jojen extensively because of his resillience to still keep on living while being mental. His friends were already dead because of suicide and Jojen doesn't know about this. The scientists wanted to record more, but it was too much and they don't want to lose Jojen. So a guard pointed out a sharp stick that made Jojen's hair stand on all ends. Electricity coarsed like small millipedes under his skin. His eye rolled as far back as it could. His saliva and blood, mixed together, rushed out of his nose, ear and mouth.

The scientists laughed after they saw and heard Jojen's suffering and screams. But that wasn't the end of their experiment. Normally they only record him once in each day. But they noticed that Jojen gets even more resillient as his days passes by. That was the perfect time for the scientists to pull him out of the white cell and dropped him in a glass tank filled with water.

He was floating like a dead body, yet still breathing and began suffocating. Then the scientists began their operation to inject 10 needles of death with green boiling liquids in the muscle around Jojen's spine.

When he woke up, Jojen had forgotten everything from the start until he was at his hallucination where in he was again at the white room. He was staring at the plain white wall with slacky eyes of darkness. His father came out of the wall then suddenly his head began to ring and his whole body ache. He fell from his own chair because of the pain and suddenly got transported back to reality when his father tapped his cheek.

The marijuana leaf was in front of him. It was the same as it was before. But now Jojen was in a proper jail cell, with iron bars and smell of piss and dung. On the other hand, the leaf was in front of him being offered it to him like cheese being served to a rat. It had a trap that can easily cuts off one's fingers. A smart and wise rat would not get close to it. Instead, Jojen leaned closer and let the rot tingle his nose. It was not worthy of eating.

This made scientist believe that their experiment was proven to be correct. Now all they had concluded was to produce more of the same kind of injection. So when they were done with Jojen, the guards threw him at an older cell with four men. Jojen easily threw uo because of the foulness of the cell.

Every night he had to hold his breath just to fall unconscious and sleep. Every day the men along with him made him as their punching bag and as their slave.

Jojen became a baby. He wouldn't eat, talk, or sleep. He was always awake, sitting on his bed staring endlessly at the sky day and night. It was calming to see and feel the cold starry night. Meanwhile warm on the bright sunny day. He was still the person who stared a lot.

Until one cleaning session around the prison, he saw this girl. The girl was also a prisoner, in fact she was recently accused of murder of her brother. But she was completely innocent yet the judge still suspected her of his death. She the natural color of the hair, and a tanned skin. Her untainted hands, face and body showed that she was still 20. Two years younger than Jojen.

Jojen tried to get closer to her but guards stood as walls in his way. Sometimes he even had to barged through the guards and get tazed back to his room. Where he once again forgets everything.

Even though Jojen had forget about his first time seeing her, his body still remembers and went to the same corridor where once again the same scenario happened.

The scientists who were still secretly taking records on Jojen had took notice of this behavior and thought that this may be dangerous. So they tazed him and gets transferred to a another cell with the girl. Jojen cautiously approached her and the two see each other eye to eye.

Jojen suddenly raptured as his heart throbbed in excitement. He never had felt anything like this. The feeling of overjoy at the same time sadness, because Jojen knew that something was still missing and that there were scientists prying on them in the next three years.

Their relationship gradually grew strong, until their friendship became courtship. But they were in a cell, the girl realized this but Jojen didn't mind. She tried to break their relatinship because she doesn't want their child to live in a cell. But Jojen told her.

"Don't worry, as long as I am here and you are here with me. Our child will always be protected."

Eventually they became married, in a prison, in their own room, and in their own ways. They lived happy in the next four years.

But that happiness has ended tragically.

The scientists came back for him. The guards forced him out but Jojen fought back. But the scientists used Arraya as their hostage. Jojen had no choice but to give in.

"Please Jojen don't leave me! This is your home! Your family!"Arraya screamed as she tried to break free. "Please don't leave us!"

Fred the leading scientist of the experiment, whispered next to her ear. "He is far away from home girl"

"No!, no! Don't leave us!"

The guards tazed Jojen and dragged him out of the cell. A guard walked closer to Arraya with a tazer on his hand. He was planning to taze her.

"Leave her," Fred commanded, "in fact, set her free"

The guard did as what Fred commanded. Arraya walked out in the streets like a free woman. Her belly that time was as of a basket. She was three months pregnant, about to give birth to their first baby.


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