Baby on campus

Finally a good night sleep

Kiera's Pov (continuation) 


The light goes off, and everywhere becomes silent. 


The door creaks open and a voice I can easily recognize as Tyler's follows. "What the fuck." 


"No body move." Ashley voice booms over the darkness. 


I think that's the most intelligent words that have ever come out of his mouth. 


"My bowl of chips is on the floor." He adds, making me realize nothing of sense can ever leave his mouth. 


"Ouch." I hear Mason's voice, I feel something on my leg and in an attempt to kick it off, slip and fall dragging Ashley with me. 


"My arse." He yells. 


"Are you okay." Skylar asks worriedly. 


"Sky don't...." But it was too late, she trips on my leg and from the scream Ashley gave, am sure she land in him. 


The light soon came on, and I examine the disaster caused by the black out. 


Mason, Ashley, Sky and I are on the floor covered with chips, while Mia is standing at a safe distance and Tyler and Ethan by the door. 


"My poor chip." Ashley cries and picks a chip from my hair which he eats. 




From the look on the others face, I guess am not the only one who finds it disgusting. 


But never mind, Ashley will forever remain Ashley as he continues to eat his chips from the floor. 


I manage to get off the floor with the help of Mason. 


"Clean this up." Tyler shot at Ashley, who huffs in return. 


After some minutes of arranging, we finally got to watch the movie. 


Tyler positions his laptop on his bed and we all settle on the floor excited to watch. 


"Who picked the movie?" Mia groans, probably unable to take the torture of watching the movie any longer. 


"I did." Ashley smirks proudly, and everyone except him groan in unison. 


Only by watching the start you could already tell its going to be a crappy movie. 


"A whole night ruin."Mason sighs. 


"Well not all of it." Mia adds with an evil glint in her eyes, which means she's up to no good. 


"Come on ash you can do it." Mia cheers Ashley, massaging his back softly. 


"C'mon Mason, take him out." Tyler pats on Mason's back. 


Mason are having a challenge on Man-Power, both have their elbow on the floor as they try to push the opposers hand to the floor. Sweats rolls down Ashley face as he try to prevent Mason from overpowering him, although his hand is already half way down. 


Tyler and Ethan are on Mason's side, while Mia, Sky and I on Ashley's. 


No, we can't lose. 


"Ashley if you win, I will give you my share of pizza." Nothing happened. 


"And Sky's share." Still nothing. 


"Mia share too." I taunt. 


The energy in the air shifts as Ashley overpowers Mason pushing his way all down. 


"Yah." Sky jumps, jubilating about our newly found success. 


"I know am going to hate this." Ethan groans audibly. 


"You are sure going to." Mia smirks. 


My eyes slowly pries open when my eats picks up a familiar cries. 


I look around the well light room, the girls are packed on my bed, while the guys are on the floor providing room for baby on Tyler's bed. 


I carefully make my way to the bed, making sure not to step on some person's. 


"You should go to sleep, I will take care of her." I see Tyler waking our of the bathroom. 


Weird, I didn't noticed he was missing. 


"Are you sure?" I ask. 


"just leave her to me, go get some rest." He orders. 


Well I do need a good night sleep for a night. 


"Thanks." I smile sincerely before bouncing back to my bed. 


Ahh, finally a good night sleep. One I haven't had in days. 


"Give me back my food." I hear Ashley slur. 


Probably sleep talking. 


he thinks of food even in his dream. 


(Its late, I must have slept up yesterday and forgot to update am sorry, am not that good at multitasking, especially when you like sleeping like me. 


Accept my sincerest apology. :'( :'( :'( adios) 



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