Baby on campus

Club night out.

Kiera's Pov(continuation.) 


I take the phone from Sky and couldn't believe my eyes. 


It is a picture of Ethan and the 'I can't keep my hands to my self' girl kissing. 


Then something hit me, she looks familiar, almost like she's Miranda. 


Oh, I should have known at the cafeteria. Everything makes sense. 


When did I become so dull and dumb. 


"And who do we have here." You picked the wrong time Miranda. 


"If it isn't the slut and her follow sluts." Bianca, Miranda third in command says. 


They are all dressed up like Barbie's without a ken. 


"Awn, by the look on your face am sure you got the pictures." Miranda ticks. 


Mia has a on a blank expression, unlike Sky whose fist is in a ball. 


So foolish to admit, Mia will surely have her head. 


"Did you get your little heart broken." Sasha let's out an evil chuckle. "You should had known Ethan isn't for you."


"Go away Miranda." I warn obviously knowing how this is going to end. 


"I wasn't talking to..." A hand connects with Miranda's cheek before I had the chance to do it myself. 


"You mess with Mia, you mess with us." 


"You..." Miranda snarls before reaching for Sky but didn't get the chance since Mia jumps on her instead. 


I take the opportunity to pounce on Sasha who is trying to save Miranda from Mia's burning fury, while Sky deals with Miranda. 


A loud cry breaks out and I duck just in time to miss an oncoming alcohol bottle. 


What the hell, I think they are trying to kill me here. 


i hear low growls behind me and I turn to find a huge guy glaring at me, from the blood rolling down his cheek, I'd easily guess the bottle hit him. 


He gives out a war shout before storming towards me, but a punch sends him flying to the opposite direction. 


I release a breath I didn't know I was holding then take a look at my saviour. 


Wait its Tyler, a very angry looking Tyler. 


"Kiera." His voice is laced with anger as he strode to me.

"Where's Mia and Sky."


My eyes scan the room and I soon sight a black haired girl on the bar table, throwing bottles at people. 


It is obvious she is drunk. 


"Mia is on the bar table." I say. "But I can't find Sky."


"Sky is right here." My eyes falls on Mason who has a raging Sky on his shoulder. 


"You girls are in so.... much.... trouble." I hear Ashley say. 




"Now am only gonna ask once and I want a straight answer." Mason says like a father who just caught his daughters sneaking off to a night party. 


It would have been really funny if he didn't have a very mean/scary look on his face. 


"Why were you girls at the club."


I send a look at Sky who in returns looks at Mia. And we ended up looking at each other. 


(A late update. My apologies mia'cara's. ADIOS.) 


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