Baby on campus

My date.

Kiera's pov(continuation) 


"What's up with that face." Mia teases, wiggling her eyebrows at me. 


I shouldn't have told them about the date. 


"Huh.... Stop it." I groan then hid my face in my hands, my face is your probably tomatoes red by now. 


"C'mon tell us what happened." Sky bounces Mia's bed. 


She got a very evil mind nowadays. 


"He just asked me out that's all." I fiddle with my fingers. 


"So no kissing or 18 rated scene....?" Sky raise her brows. 


"Nope." I reply popping the 'p'. 


"Not even flowers." Mia adds. 




"Awn... So unromantic." Sky snorts. 


"Say that to Mason." I frown. 


"Tyler kind off have a weird way of showing his feelings you know." Mia advise. 


"I guess so." I say. 


"I think we should have more girly time like this." Sky falls in a pillow. 


"So you two can tease me about Tyler, I will pass." I scowl. 


"Bonjour to my favourite people in the world." Ashley burst through the door. 


"How many times do I have to tell you to always knock." Mia scowls, on seeing her room been harassed. "We could be naked you know."


"Whatever." Ashley says in a duh tone, then joins us on the bed. "Any new gist."


"Yup, Tyler asked Kiera on a date." Sky replies. 


"I know this was going to happen." Ashley fake sobs. "Am now the only single person here."


"Yet." Ashley adds with a sniff. 


"Let's go get lunch before Ashley drown us in his ocean of crocodile tears." Mia propose. 


"Wait for me." Ashley calls dramatically as we walk out of the room. 




"Are we there here." I ask Tyler as he parks the car at the side of the road. 


I stare out of the window and noticed that there's just trees, and the moon is already up. 


"Get down." Tyler says before taking off his seat belt then steps out of the car. 


The cool breeze attacks my hair as I step out of the car and I ended up pushing them behind my ears. 


Ashley walks into the woods and I quickly yell after him. "Where the fuck are you going."


"Just follow me." Is his reply as he sends me a smile. 


"I hope I don't get to regrets this." I groan before following him. 


We talk deep into the wood, the trees are very tall and beautiful. 


This is just like in the movies, the bad guy takes the girl to the forest then kills her and her body is later found in a swamp or a dump. 


Maybe mine will be delivered to my parents in a delivery box. 


For goodness sake Kiera, think positively, think positively. 


"And we are here." 


My voice got caught in my throat as I try to talk, its a lake, a very beautiful shinny lake with a picnic table set at the side. 


Am really going to love this date. 


I quickly snap my mouth shut when I realise its hanging wide open. 


Tyler sends me a smirk and I reply with a dagger glare. 


Son of crocodile. 


"You should have told me to bring a swimming suit." I tease as we walk towards the picnic table. 



"That would had given you you to much details about the date. " Tyler replies with a wink. 


"Its beautiful." My eyes scans the flowery surroundings, firefly's lighting up the place. "Let me guess, another one of your 'me' place."


"Kind off, except it was not only mine." His face scrunches into a frown. 


"Your ex?" I ask without hesitation. 


    He never, I mean, never ever talks about his ex, how come, not even the guys talk about her. 


How does she looks like, is she pretty, maybe more prettier then me. 


"Nope, now you can wipe that look off your face." Tyler says with his signature smirk. 


"Which look." A scowl takes over my face. 


If it isn't his ex then who... 


"My sister." He answers my unspoken question. 


(Hehehe. Hope you liked it. Love yal. ADIOS.) 



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