Bad Boy's Last Love

Chapter 6

Sana's Pov

I'm shocked after knowing the truth of Olivia and Alex's marriage. I'm not worried about the agreement right now. But all I care about is our company. Roshan has kidnapped Olivia so that Alex tells the truth of the scam by which he trapped Sid. And now we got to know that Alex and Olivia aren't in a serious marriage. Therefore, Alex will never do something to save Olivia. My head is pounding with hundreds of thoughts.
"Should I disclose the matter of your marriage to your father so that you can get your owing shares as soon as possible?", Daniel asks.

Sid doesn't reply to him. He lowers his head joining him both hands with his forehead. He must be thinking about his mom. If she gets to know about our marriage, she'll create a scene. And if we tell her that our marriage is fake, she will surely tell the truth to his father. 

After a long break, Sid finally looks up to Daniel.
"Sure. I want my shares as soon as possible", he replies.
"I'll talk to him about it", Daniel leaves the chair as he collects the agreement. "Sorry for interrupting in your dinner moment again"

We smile at him as he takes an exit. Sid is still lost in his thoughts as I jerk him.
"I need to warm up the food again", I chuckle.
"Sure", he says in a blank voice.

I carry the plates of lasagna and proceed to the kitchen. It's already 11 pm. He must be very hungry. I place those plates inside the microwave oven and adjust the timing. I jump into my thoughts again. A few minutes ago we both were happy at our upcoming victory. Now we are in a kind of insecurity. First, Alex doesn't love Olivia and he'll not save Sid in exchange for saving Olivia. Second, finally Sid's mother Lydia will get to know about our marriage. Though it's fake, we can't tell the truth to her. I can tolerate her humiliations for the sake of Sid. Because without him there's no one in the world for me. 
My chain of thought breaks as I hear Sid yelling from the dining room

"Something is burning", he yells.
I panic as I look at the oven. I immediately open it and hold the plate without wearing gloves. I cry out in pain and Sid rushes to me in the kitchen.

"Sano", he screams as he sees my hand turning red. He reaches out my hand and grabs it. "What the heck were you doing? Are you blind or deaf or what?", he yells at me while examining my burnt skin. I can't react anything but keep hissing in pain. He pulls me near the water tap and turns it on as he holds my hand beneath the tap. Water flushed upon my wound. 

"Keep it like this", he alarms and goes to the refrigerator. I can hardly say anything. I focus on my wound. It's turning redder with every passing second. He returns to me and turns off the tap. He grabs my waist tightly and lifts me as he makes me sit on the counter. He takes my hand and applies ice cube on the burnt area.

"Ahh!!", I hiss in pain. He raises his eyebrows as he looks at me. He must be pissed by this. He was tensed. He was hungry too. And now I did this foolishness. 
Soon my pain starts reducing. The burnt place becomes numb as the ice effects it.

"What were you doing? Will you tell me? You are not new in the kitchen. Didn't you know it would be hot?", he says as I sense the care for me in his voice. I was busy in my wound so much that I couldn't witness his care for me properly. I smile at him before he looks at me. 

"I was thinking about something", I mumble.
"What?", he asks as he looks at me. "What were you thinking so important that you burnt your hand?"

"I.. I was just thinking that what if Alex doesn't come forward to save Olivia. We have thought that we would blackmail him so that he takes back all the allegations he made on you to save his wife. And...", I take a break and speak again. "And what if Lydia finds about our marriage. What will she do?"
I struggle to complete my statement as Sid gazes at me.

"Have I told you to think about all this?", he charges me as he stops applying ice cube on my wound and goes to the kitchen cabinet to take out burnol. "All of these are my problems, Sano. If Alex doesn't clear my image to save Olivia, it'll be I to face the consequences. If mom gets to know about this marriage, I'll not let her utter a single word against you. You are my only support system Sana. You always messed up yourself while handling my life. I won't let you be harmed for me"

His words give me a kind of relief that I can hardly get. Whenever he admits that I'm his only support system it makes me feel special. I'm special to him. He cares for me. Every time he reminds me that there's no one special in his life except for me. I wish I would be satisfied with this. However, from the day we made a fake marriage certificate and faked to be a couple in front of Daniel everything changed. I started feeling the relationship. Relationship of a husband-wife. Though I too hadn't believed in love and marriages because of my unhealthy childhood, I have started feeling good whenever I think about serious relationships. I'm not sure that I'm in love with him. Yet I really want a relationship like a husband-wife with him.

"It's not only about you, Sid. It's about us. You may have another family to consider but I don't. I don't know what's between us. But you're my family"

I confess that as Sid looks at me without blinking his eyes. We have intense eye contact as he completes applying burnol on my wound. 

"Don't wash your hands for next 2 hours", he says ignoring my statement. I wanted him to say something about me. I really wanted to know what I am to him.

"And I can officially have a family with my gipsy family members. That doesn't mean they are worthy enough to be mentioned as family. You should know that you too mean a lot to me. A family also", he completes his line as he turns around and takes out a packet of bread. 


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