Bar Mon’tblank —the Power of an Opportunity—

Starting with ‘firm’ steps (I)

Sara woke up feeling fortunate and grateful to life itself, so long ago that she felt neither peace nor tranquility. A whole long year to be more exact, from the moment she had to leave the orphanage when came of age, given that institution rules prevented her from continuing there. Even so, using her charm and with the help of her foster mother, managed to overcome obstacles until she turned 19 when finally said goodbye to the place that she called ‘home’ for more than 15 years.

Outside the orphanage, things progressively got complicated, to the point of running out of money because of the difficulty of finding a job. Without experience and plunging more and more into poverty, she ended up wandering the streets, some days with more or less luck, others mired in absolute misery, but without losing faith. She knew that one day everything would change, everything would be better and just now, sensed that day had finally arrived.

At 8 in the morning, Sara decided to go on stage and practice some dance. She kept the idea that she had been hired to dance, therefore, even if she didn’t like it, she should fulfill her role. Maybe I could find a way to offer customers an interesting show, but without having to show so much skin when wearing such bold clothes.

She was an irremediable dreamer!

She had been trying for almost 2 hours, but nothing was as good in real life as she planned in her mind. How clumsy I am! Dance? How can I think of it? It seems I have two left feet! She kept criticizing herself loudly, annoyed at her lack of grace and lightness to dance. Your entire life had been a permanent confrontation with herself, she felt that if wanted to be accepted by others, she should become the best representation of her. Always the best, in behavior, in cleanliness, in classes … in everything. I hated feeling like a mistake from the creator. Maybe that’s why my parents abandoned me. How could someone love me if I’m not perfect?

That is why she always refused to give up, despite all the painful situations she had to face. In her life, everything ended in an internal struggle … her internal struggle, nobody had to know about their weaknesses ever.




As Carlos had told her last night: ‘This place has cameras everywhere so if you try to stop by smart, I will realize immediately’. Upon detecting the movement, the sensors and cameras were activated by what he was observing, very entertaining, every attempt by Sara to perform a decent dance that could be presented to the customers of the bar. He was very funny, seeing the constancy of this girl, how stubborn and insistent she was.

When will she understand that she is not made for these things! He thought as he laughed out loud.

Carlos Mon’tblank was a kind of walking armor. Before the world he always presented himself as an intolerant and cynical being, sometimes insensitive and very embittered, distrustful, and demanding always. His life had not been easy, since he was a child he had to fight with claws and teeth to get ahead, as he grew up, he managed to take his career and business to the top of success. The Mon’tblank Bar was his reason for pride … ‘The girl of his eyes’, the place where he obtained the fortune, hadn’t achieved in his personal life, that’s why he was so demanding with everyone.

Perhaps, that was the reason why Sara had accomplished, a true feat … to make him change his mind. Carlos saw in her all that tenacity, all that enthusiasm, and courage, that he had when things in his life went from bad to worse. Many people around him, ironically, those who had a duty to take care of him, they just ‘sat in the front row’ to see him fail and take away all the goods and money that his parents had inherited. Except for his beloved Nonna, who from the moment of his birth was like his second mother.

Despite all the damage and pain, suffered, he was never discouraged. Despite his youth and, against all odds, he knew how to overcome each obstacle and move forward. In that sense, Carlos felt empathy for Sara.

He decided to walk around the bar … no, in reality, it was his custom every morning to square the accounting. Sara continued immersed in her practices, after all, she would never allow ‘a simple pair of left feet’ to defeat her.

“What are you supposed to be doing?”

Hearing that sudden voice, Sara lost control of her feet and unable to balance she ended up crashing, hopelessly, against the ground. However, as soon as possible, she managed to stand up to answer her boss.

“Mr. Carlos, I … I swear I’ve only been here on stage. I haven’t touched anything! I came to practice a little.” At that moment she felt more scared than when she was alone, in the middle of the night, the first day she arrived in that city.

“And, apparently, so much practice, it has not helped you much,” he criticized her odiously, reminding her of the recent fall.

“I will achieve it!” The malicious comment bothered her too much, but she bit her tongue and took a deep breath, not to mention more. “I just need to practice.”

Carlos with his inseparable cynical smile and negative head movements, amid his arrogance, understood that the young girl wanted to strive to please him, all his employees always did the same, but the insistence of she bordered on absurdity.


Edited: 19.11.2020

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