Bar Mon’tblank —the Power of an Opportunity—

Stay with me! (Final Chapter I)

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The next morning, Carlos left very early to buy various things he needed and when he returned, without wasting time, he went directly to the annex. Sara was just waking up and although she was feeling a little calmer, she hadn't slept much the night before, so she wasn't in the mood to get out of bed that morning, but hearing noises in the kitchen forced her to get up and go to investigate.

“Good morning princess, how are you feeling?”

“Good morning.” She answered hesitantly, still half asleep, repeatedly rubbing her eyes to clear her vision, as she was too intrigued to see the amount of bags and things Carlos had brought with him, which he had left on the kitchen island while he organized them and selected one or another pan from the cabinet that was in the corner.

Although he had a full set of keys to the place, it was unusual for Carlos to walk in without knocking first, that only started to happen as a result of the depression that Sara had sunk into with the latest unfortunate events. It was also not as if so many things were needed, the purchase of groceries and food that he had made in the last month was still almost complete, eating properly was not something that she did frequently, less in the last days, but if everything previously observed was strange to her, when she saw him choose a pan and light the fire in the kitchen, she understood that yes … something strange … very strange, it happened.

“What do you do?”

“What I should have done from the beginning,” he replied with a big smile, as he returned to concentrating on organizing and selecting a few things from all that he had brought. “I’m glad to be here on time so we can have breakfast together.”

Have breakfast? What have I missed in these last days? She thought and narrowed her eyes, as she observed Carlos with discernment and some suspicion, the problem was not that he had breakfast … well, not entirely, although she had never seen him do it, he barely tasted the coffee. But, watching him take a pan ready to cook, that was an important topic to analyze.

“Have breakfast? You never eat breakfast.”

“Today is an excellent day to start.” He said confidently as he took her by the waist and slowly pulled her towards him, Sara felt her heart jump before starting to beat wildly, she didn't even realize when he had gotten so close to her. “Today I want to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and repeat if necessary.” As he spoke to her in that soft and slow voice, Carlos playfully kissed her forehead, nose, and lips, as had been his custom. Everything was so unexpected that Sara did not know how to react.

At first, she froze in surprise, closed her eyes, feeling all her skin bristle at the contact of his gentle caresses and chaste kisses, for a moment she felt as if time had receded as if nothing bad had happened, as if their incipient relationship had not been consumed between secrets, discussions, and disappointments … suddenly she opened her eyes, knowing that this moment was not real … it could not be. The doubts made Sara take a step back, seeking to get away from Carlos to think and better analyze the situation.

The previous afternoon she had been especially vulnerable and for that reason, she had said so many things that now she questioned, but the reality between them was different … very different. If she remembered correctly, before Alex happened, she was packing her bags to go back to her town and try to rebuild her life.

What the hell changed?

“Carlos, I … I think—”

“Shhhh …”

He placed his index finger on Sara's lips, to make sure that his Parlanchina listened to him carefully. “I know what you're thinking and let me clarify that nothing you tell me will change my mind. Today I am determined to be stubborn and much more insistent than you … Imagine!” He assured, keeping a mischievous and indelible smile on his face and by God that, to preserve the love of that beautiful woman, he was willing to do anything.

As he approached, she backed away … until she had no more space to continue and crashed into one of the high chairs in the kitchen, which Carlos took the opportunity to approach and steal a kiss, which being much more intense than the previously, he was forced to restrain himself and save his cravings so as not to make her uncomfortable or scare her … no more than she already showed.

Carlos refocused on what he was doing before approaching his surprised, and almost speechless, Parlanchina. He prepared breakfast while keeping Sara sitting around the small kitchen island, watching him fascinated, he did not allow himself to be helped and once everything was ready, he sat next to her to eat while he told her about his plans for that day.

Not only was he willing to be more insistent than her, he had also usurped her dowry as a Parlanchin’s. Carlos talked incessantly about the delicious egg, bacon, cheese, and lettuce sandwiches that he had just prepared and the succulent pasta with meat and lots of sauce they would have for lunch.


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