Behind The Mask: the end of a star

The Looking Glass

Windows opened wide, 
The monster had just worn his mask 
and muffled laughter underneath. 
Door slammed shut, 
The monster wore a wicked grin 
“No escaping this time, 
the third time is a charm” 

A perfectly scribbled note 
on the table where he usually studied– 
He had just penned a splendid sonnet, 
“How mind boggling this is” 
Tobi let out a fulfilling smile. 

No, they cause so much hurt. 
Drug overdose, 
No, the eyes may awake to a blinding light. 
A rope, 
Quite choking and instant, 
No chance for those blinding lights, 
Tobi smiled victoriously: 
He had just discovered a perfect weapon. 

“Mum and Dad, 
Remember me when I'm gone, 
But don't miss me too much, 
I'd be resting in peace. 
My needs were more than just 
food, clothing, drinks and outings. 
You never were close enough, 
You thought my mental health 
was just child's play, 
That I'd get over it with time 
So, don't weep for me.” 

My knight in Shady armour, 
What even made me think 
a woman could be a knight?” 

“Dear God, 
I know you now smile at me, 
I implore thee therefore, from thy high throne; 
Forgive my numerous sins, 
even this one I'll now commit, 
Receive thine lost child 
in the bosom of thine grace.” 

Kicking away the chair, 
The one that had served as his study support, 
with recent service as a weight support— 
It was a dutiful chair– 
He could feel the noose 
constrict the air in his lungs. 
So, he opened his eyes one last time, 
and smiled victoriously; 
Smiled at the beauty he left behind, 
Smiled at the thought of humanity, 
Smiled at the hopes of a peaceful rest. 
He surrendered his will 
without much of a struggle– 
Peace, at last... 

Door slammed shut, 
Windows opened wide 
Neighbours and friends had gathered. 
They shook their heads 
as though swayed by the winds, 
They could only watch his pale frame 
hang from the base of the ceiling fan. 
Tobi – 
The looking glass. 


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Edited: 23.05.2020

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