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          Dexter crumpled the morning newspaper that he is reading that it almost made the paper unreadable. He picked up his phone and dialed several numbers one after the other.
          “Prepare my car.” He commanded his driver who followed immediately
          In a few minutes Dexter is driving without knowing where to go first, then suddenly he pulled over the side of the road.
          “You can’t do this to me.” Dexter assured to the person on the other phone.
          “I have done it. You don’t need to oppose my ways. I have all the means and reasons to do it. That’s in two weeks so be ready.” Commanded the person on the other phone.

          “No, I am not going back. I am stepping down from my position and I am giving up my right for the company.” Replied Dexter
          “Dexter, there’s no point of going against my words. You should have seen this coming.”
          “Well grandpa, I am grateful because I have anticipated this measure you are in” said Dexter with sarcasm.

          “So, what are you going to do now? Anyway, you have only two options to choose from…will it be that girl and her two daughters or marry Amanda and make our company more stable.” Said his grandfather, then the call was dropped.

          Dexter rushed to Irene’s house hoping that she is still at home with the girls…a thing he was not denied of.
          The three girls seem to be waiting for him with all his explanations.
          “I don’t know how to start this” stammered Dexter. “I prepared the ring the other day, because I want to propose this Saturday together with the celebration of our first month together.” Explained Dexter.
          “And had you not seen this coming?” asked Gabrielle.
          “We did. Your mom and I had anticipated this measure that my grandad is up to and we have some counter actions. It is the same reason I am making things fast… but we didn’t expect this to be so quick.” Answered Dexter to Gabrielle
          Silence governed the house for a meantime. Then with one look of Irene to the girls they got the code and left the couple alone in the living room.
          “Ok spill everything now.” Demanded Irene to Dexter.
          “I talked to grandad just a while back and she wanted me to marry Amanda for a stable relationship of our families and companies. I did the first two steps, but he is clever enough to reach our weaknesses.” Explained Dexter which lose Irene into deep thinking.
          “But we still have five steps… so we are still ahead of them.” Reassured Dexter to Irene.

          “No, do as your grandad would like you to.” Said Irene with a straight look at Dexter’s eyes.

          “But why?... and no, this is not what we have planned Irene. We can win this but only if we are together in this battle. And without you how can I be complete. Please don’t give up this easily. Please fight with me.” Begged Dexter to Irene.
          “Listen Dexter, you yourself had said it that he has known our weaknesses and he is going to use those weaknesses to counter act all our measures. It is not that I am a coward in this fight and yes we still have five steps but as I can see even though we exhaust all our strategies we will still end defeated with many other people hurt. All our efforts will go in vain at the end. Gabrielle is getting ready for her college and next year Raphaelle is graduating. Your grandad will use these critical stages of the girls as his greatest weapon against us and my conscience can’t handle that if I am going to prioritize my relationship to you. You know how much I love you and I guess that’s all that matters this time. Let’s choose that bitter option for both of us rather than dragging innocent people to our selfishness. I am happy that I have experienced and stored sweet memories together.” Explained Irene with tears continuously running down her face.

          Dexter hugged Irene so tight for a long time without any words, but sobs and tears are flowing freely on their faces.


Irene’s Diary

               For few days I was in cloud nine because of Dexter. But why is it so short. Why is this season of brokenness in a haste to find me? Why? It is very painful. How could I describe this emotion I am in this time? I could not even find relief from the words of my daughters. I have been happy for few days, but the impact of its bitterness is so cruel. Who could help me in this pain I am suffering this time? Where can I grasp this help that could ease the pain? This is the first time I come to give in to this feeling but am I wrong to think of my happiness also?
            I have dedicated all my life, events, love, and time rearing these girls. I give my all to them without any complain, is it egoism to ask for the compensation of love from my dream guy? I am a human being who also want to complete the pieces of my heart but why did it turn out to be this way. It is so painful. Where can I locate this dose of pain killers to numb this pain. So blurred, so disturbed, so disoriented…help please.

Dexter’s Diary

            Why did you give up so easily? We could still fight Irene. We could still hold on until we get married. Why…

             Her words are true but they keep on stabbing my heart and bringing me to tears. [You know how much I love you and I guess that’s all that matters this time.] I hope Irene it is just as easy as it is said. [Let’s choose that bitter option for both of us rather than dragging innocent people to our selfishness.] When can we get away of those thinking and focus on our happiness also? But can we get rid of them?  I am sorry Irene I know it is very impossible. You’re right  this is the best action to take. To choose this heroism than bringing everybody with our downfall. [I am happy that I have experienced and stored sweet memories together.] I will never forget those sweet memories Irene but every time they come to my memory the pain is refreshed. Tell me Irene, how can I treasure these memories without being hurt whenever they are visited.
            She is right, grandad and mom will never stop until they will not get connected to the mining company of Amanda’s family. But I can make our company the strongest even without that mining company. I can still devise strategies for a wider company. He is so paranoid with the growing companies. Ever since the take over where I have proven my skills and wits in running the company still grandad has not built its trust on me. And I am now suffering because of this trust issue. Then it is better for me to give up my rights. But who is going to take over?... what is  this fate I have?
            I will be married to a girl I have no attraction at all. Yes, Amanda is beautiful, intelligent but she will never be compared to Irene. Irene has everything I am looking for in a woman. Oh my, it is totally painful. Oh Life, bitterness, where will you lead me. Now that my light has gone, will I ever see the right way to go? Where can I place this heart so dark…so gloomy…so torn apart.


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