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                Tiring days passed by so fast with Ryan and Irene working hard for the preparation of their wedding. Press conferences are held twice a week updating on the preparation of the wedding. With the help of several wedding planners and staffs the wedding of the year is held. It is attended by people of high profile. The wedding becomes the headline of media industries.


Irene’s Diary

          Finally, I am now Mrs. Irene Woo. After several weeks of stress the wedding is done. Who would think that a simple teacher like me would marry a CEO? Thanks, God, for this gift of good fortune.

            I will do my best to be a good wife to you Ryan. I am not used to your world, your lifestyle is opposite to mine but I will adjust, Ryan. I will work hard not to bring any disgrace to your family… I mean our family.

            I am happy that I have preserved myself for him. But it hurts… it hurts with every simple move. Will it be this hurt every time we do this? I guess it won’t. I still have to learn a lot on this matter. Anyway, this is the thing that could be learned naturally with the wave of emotion. I know I can learn fast. I love him so much and I want to make him totally happy.

Ryan I am happy that you are my first and I promise that you will be the only one until I die. Thank you loving and respecting a lowly tutor like me. I know I don’t have the wealth that this world could give but I can say that I have given you the precious wealth that I have guarded for thirty seven years. At least in that case I can say that I am worthy for a billionaire.

I love you Ryan Woo - my husband


Ryan’s Diary

            I have finally made her my wife. She is very beautiful even when asleep. Yes, sleep my dear I know that I have made it difficult for you tonight. Sorry my love, but there is no gentleness that couldn’t hurt a woman on their ‘first time’. You are so precious Irene. Tonight you have gained more of my respect. You are such a decent woman. You have preserved that virginity for thirty seven years.

            I can’t sleep of happiness. I am happy that I have waited. I am happy that I have restrained myself. Now I am reaping the fruits of true happiness. I am happy that I have married a woman of total package. Everything that I am looking for a woman is in you Irene. Now I promise to treasure you, protect you and build a happy family with you. Wait, family… yes, family… she is already 37 and I am turning 40. I guess we have to make fast because I want to have three children. What could be our children like? Ah of course they could only be either beautiful or handsome.

            Irene I promise that you will only be one in my heart. I will do everything to protect this marriage. I will not give you reasons to be jealous or upset you. I know there will be many trials to come our way but we could surmount all of them together. I hope to celebrate our silver wedding anniversary still together.

            Oh Irene thank you for making me happy. Uh…oh how come that caressing your face alone would turn me on. No, she must rest, I know how hurt she was a while ago, don’t worry my dear it won’t hurt that much in our nexts.

I love you Irene Woo - my wife


*** THE END ***




Thank you for sparing your time reading my book. I tried to make this story as decent as possible. Please feel free to comment your insights about this work.


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