Bringing Him Home


It had been a year since that incident Elena had with Easton. She was done with the formalities now. That was the only time she decided to do contrary to what her dad asked her to do. Easton was never going to change or show some remorse for how he ruined her life so she just had to accept things as they were. Thinking about it, all she hoped for was to know and feel that she had grown to accept that. After they broke up, which he gave her his word that they were never going to, sealed it with a vow, and yet he went ahead to cheat on her, she watched her life fall apart. Gone were the days when she woke up feeling lucky and blessed to have him by her side. He knew that was the only thing that could destroy her but he still went ahead to do it. Funnily enough, he was the one who demanded that they ended everything some few days later. 


Guess he had big plans for her. She thought as she tried in vain to put the pieces together. 


What caught her attention was the fact that he was still unmarried and single while she moved on. She was currently dating this great guy who loved and cherished her for who she was. A guy who was well aware of her fears and promised her as well as fulfilling his promise not to hurt her. What more could she need? Will was currently in the States, pursuing his dream career. He wanted to be an Optometrist and his determination blew her mind. With the number of rejects he had anytime he applied for a job, Elena wasn’t sure she could deal with that. He finally had one in Chicago and he had to be there for an entire month to show up for his interviews on time. Though she missed him, she never dared to voice it out. Distraction, was the last thing that she wanted to be. Easton and Will were complete opposites. Easton was a risk taker but Will wasn’t. Will liked to live life by the circumstances he was in. Easton liked to create things no matter the risks that were involved. That’s what she loved about him. He never settled for anything. He liked to think that he could rewrite his story into a far more better one and each day, he proved it to her in his own mysterious way. She still couldn’t believe he cheated on her with their very own best friend.  


Traitors! I knew she was a bitch. I think part of me was hoping she would prove me wrong and so when she did the exact opposite, I got shocked. Elena said to her imaginary friend as she cleaned up the tea she had spilled on the table she was sitting across. 


She had decided to go out to clear her head up that day. Her best friend, whom’s roommate’s place she had taken, spent the night at her boyfriend’s place leaving Elena with nothing but her thoughts. The streets looked busy, as usual, so she decided to crash at a coffee shop so she could just sit and watch people as they went by their routines. Suddenly, a huge figure blocked her view. Suspecting it to be a customer, she gave the stranger approximately 2 minutes until she heard her name from a familiar voice that used to make her day.  
          “We have to talk” 
          “You’ve lost your right to fix yourself into my life, remember? You don’t get to make the choices now.” 
          “Elena. Stop making this difficult for me.” Easton begged. There it was. Her name dancing on his lips. He rarely used her name except on occasions that demanded seriousness.  
          “You’ve just a minute. If you’ve come here to beg me to come back to that miserable place so you could torture my life by assigning me with duties beyond my capabilities or blaming me in front of everyone, you’re wasting your time, honestly. Coming to think of it, shouldn’t you be at your place? Knee deep in a anything that is edible? No matter how wrong you know it is? Why…” 
           “ I wish I could undo those horrible things I did and said to you. I’m…” 
           “Don’t! Just don’t! You’re now realizing this?” Elena spat out at him. Her anger was rising. She knew pairs of eyes were looking her way but she couldn’t care less. She had been wanting to get this off her chest ever since she met Beatrice in his apartment. It was there and then that she realized that shock does so many things to the human mind and body. Apart from rendering you speechless, it gives you so many ways to handle the situation at hand. She wanted to rip Beatrice into parts. The only thing that stopped her was her mind. It was clouded with so many thoughts and questions. So she did what she thought was best: she left. Oh she thought that that was going to be the last time that she was going to see him. Her sister’s tuition fees was rising up. She was desperately in need of a place to stay so, she picked up the job vacancy that Easton’s company had publicized. As expected, Easton rejected her application. She had to personally see him to remind him that he owed her big time. So, that made Easton to reconsider everything, despite Beatrice’s protests. Elena kept things at the professional level, of course. She always addressed Easton as, Mr Brown. That pissed him off but, he wasn’t ready to let his employees know that, he once had a soft spot for a girl or so she thought.  
            “Elena I…” 
            “Save it, Easton! Just…ugh!”  
And with that, Elena stormed out of the coffee shop with Easton still glued to the spot he was in. Elena had spent her day on the streets after the morning incident with Easton. Apparently, there were no job vacancies online and even on TV. So she decided to use the rest of the day to personally visit the bars, restaurants and malls in the neighborhood. Her best friend had assured her that she was fine being the only one paying the bills now, but Elena wasn’t going to let that become a thing. Now here she was, at 1:00am in the morning the next day, surfing through the internet in search of a job to do. Finding nothing, she decided to visit her Instagram page. She realized that a lot had happened during the past few months that she had been away. She was so engrossed in work to the extent that, she had forgotten she had a social life. A notification popped up and her nose flared. Beatrice had private messaged her with a Can we talk


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