Can't get you out of my mind ( Jungkook fan fiction)


Y/n p.o.v
"Hey!!" I heard a voice behind me 
"Hey!!" I turn back to only bump with his chest.
"Oh sorry "I  look up to see a smiling taehyung.
'What are you doing here?" 
"I just came to pick you " he said 
"Ohh!! " 
we walk together.

'So y/n do you have time this afternoon" he ask.
"I'm not sure cause I have to go to cafe and yeah have to do assignment with fucking muscle pig" I said not caring they're friends.
"Muscle pig "he repeated and chuckled.
"Yah don't laugh "
"Alright... alright than ;
How about you come to our house and do the assignment maybe I can give a helping hand" he said still chuckling.

Maybe if I go to his house it'll be easier to complete the project and most importantly jungkook won't be annoying me I thought.
"Okk "  I nodded. 
" Alright than see you later" he said and left me ,i realised we have already reached the college.

I quickly walk to my class and sat on my desk feeling happy for not meeting jungkook 
After sometime the teacher came inside but someone came following behind her and you probably know who it's muscle pig.
But his looks were exactly like yesterday he gave me .what happened I thought.

*Jungkook p.o.v
I went inside the class behind miss sohae than I saw y/n looked this way but turned away.
I sat beside her and stare at her feeling angry. I'm angry because this morning I saw her with taehyung and they were so happy i felt so angry I don't know why....I don't understand why do I feel this way whenever I see her with  teahyung or with other guy anger rises within me maybe I'm jealous but why?
Why would I get jeolous when I don't even like her? 
Oh yeah she's your girlfriend so maybe   your feeling this way , this is weird.

"Do you have anything to say" y/n ask looking at me. 
"Why were you with taehyung this morning ?"I ask gritting my teeth.
" Ohh come on jungkook it's not your business" she replied
" and what's with your look  did some girl refuse to f**k you making you look so fierce" she smirk. 
"Just answer my question "I try  control my anger " And what did you say girls refusing to fuck me"
I scoffed "well every girl wants me"

"Whatever and yeah mind your own damn business and don't expect me to answer your every question" she look away.

I felt more angry by her words,I wonder why don't she like me like every other girls do.but I control my anger knowing were gonna meet later for project.

After class got over y/n called her manager and told him that she cannot go to cafe because she has to do project and her manager said it's fine. 
Y/n stayed near the college gate looking for Taehyung but she saw all the bts member walking towards her. 
"Hey y/n" Namjoon said 
"Hey guys! "  
" waiting for us? " Taehyung ask. 
"Uhh... Uhh.... "
"Huh Y/n waiting for us but why? "jhope ask interrupting Y/n 
" Oh hyung actually she'll be coming to our house for doing  project with kookie"

"Who told that were doing in our house"
Jungkook ask still with that fierce look but his eyes never leaving y/n.
"I told her "Taehyung replied
"No were not going there we will do the project in the college library "Jungkook said. 
"Yah! Kookie what's wrong with you we have library in our house too" Jimin said. 
"And also we can help you guys" Jhope said.

"Yah!! Jungkook what happened let's just do in your house and get help from your hyungs"  y/n said 
" Fine "

"Great than let's go" Taehyung replied and put his arms around y/n shoulder but jungkook quickly grab y/n hand and pulled her closer to him and walked away like nothing happened.

Taehyung felt angry and clenched his fist but jimin came to him and patted his shoulder.

*Your p.o.v
Taehyung put his arms on my shoulder but I was pulled away from him  By jungkook.
"Remember you're my girlfriend and I can only touch you" he said and you scoff. 
"Come on jungkook I did not even accept to be your fake girlfriend and what does you mean by you can only touch me.....well everyone can touch me except you got it" I pulled myself away from his grip.

After some few minutes we reached their house. 
"Uhh where is library?" I ask. 
"Oh it's in second floor come let me take you" said Taehyung.

It's alright hyung i can take her after all were gonna do the project together" Jungkook  dragged me to the library.

"This is our library now hurry up and search the topic for our project" he said and sat on the table. 
"Excuse you!!  I ain't gonna do this alone
you have to work 50℅" I  folded my arms. 
"I don't want to , do it alone and show me"

"hey y/n leave it I'll help you" taehyung came inside. 
I glare at jungkook and gave my middle finger again and went to sit near taehyung.
We started to work on the project and I realise that he is very intelligent.
At times when I don't understand he will explain to me in a way I understand.
I think I was wrong he's actually too good and very friendly unlike be honest everyone was good except jungkook and I don't understand why??.But whatever

Whilst discussing we even laugh,and gave high five to eachother and I felt so comfortable .

*Jungkook p.o.v
I was busy playing games but got distracted by their sound.
I look at them and they were so close to eachother. They were smiling and laughing to eachother . sometimes they will high five eachother.
I felt so angry.....I hate seeing her happy with him and not me and I don't know why .

Why do I feel this way...
Why do I get angry when she's with other guy.... Everytime I see her I feel strange and I don't understand what's this strange feeling....
I don't feel this way when I'm with other girls....I always feel like holding and kissing her. I've  kissed many girl   but when I kiss her I feel something I have never felt before with other girls. And I always want  more....her lips feels so soft and smooth .it feels like it belongs to me only....I also know the reason why I tease her so that I can get her attention..... what's this feeling...why am I thinking like I jealous or maybe I'm in love with, can't be right .....

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