Chasing Love



I TRANSFERRED in hyacinth university to chase the person i love. It was kate, my childhood friend. She doesn't feel the same way so it was a one sided love.

As I walked into the gateway for my first day of university I've noticed all students eyes looked at the same direction, as I followed their sights and there was three girls walked by.

The girl in the middle caught my attention. She has a long hair as she curled her hair, beautiful eyes and long natural hair eyelashes. She wears violet fitted long sleeves, black rip jeans and black stilletos and I could see how popular she was, like all men adore her.

When I entered the room as the advisor introduced me to everyone, my eyes caught the girl who I've seen earlier. She was already looking at me.

"okay now kyoo, your chair is over there beside Ms. emi torres" the advisor stated. So her name is emi torres.

I walked straight into her and a surprise reaction appeared from her face. "so you are emi, im happy to sit beside you" I said but she did not say anything but to looked at me.


On a cafeteria I was just watching kate with her man suiting each other. Mixed feelings, jealousy, madness and there's one feeling I couldn't describe, all I thought was to hit this man.


Kate got shocked when she have seen me in the hyacinth university. Asked me why I'm here and I told her the truth. I left her speechless and I know it made her mad. At this point, I did not care if she got mad, I would have been careful once she gets mine.


When I looked around i decided to go upstairs the fifth floor of this building but someone stopped me. "The students aren't allowed to go there" one of the students stated. I just nodded but when he left I still went up. I saw the barriers blocking the door but i noticed a little space that you can pass and the door was a little bit opened so I went straight untill I reached the top. Then I saw emi laying on the cement.


When I heard some noise inside of our room I hurriedly checked it and I saw two girls fighting. I came near to pacify between them. When they let go each other I was surprised that it was emi but her clothes got ripped so I took off my jacket and covered her body. This girl has so much different things to kate, she's gorgeous but she knows how to fight. "you are doing this because jerome left you to kate!!" my eyes widened when i heard it. So jerome is her ex-boyfriend. Emi run.

So there's a reason why she was always catching my attention, maybe it's a sign that emi is my hope to get what is mine. Then the ideas came up quickly in my head, to ruin their relationship, so I followed her.

Emi did not accept it at first but when she calls me it made me so happy. She will be my instrument and I will be her instrument, we both wanted to get the person we love and we have the same thing to commit. Then emi started my plan.


I was supposed to go straight in the room when I noticed jerome and Kate kissing where there's no one around them. It was just only me who accidentally to see it.

Cause of anger I decided to play a basketball and I poured out my anger into the ball. I did not mind the cheers and shouted my name. My only thoughts was about kate.


I went straight to the room and girls suddenly approached me, what is happening? I felt confused, then my eyes caught the girl in a dress with a straight hair, I did not recognized her at first cause her head bowed. When she chin up and she looks like she was thinking something I stopped. "Emi?" My head mumbled her name. She looks good and she looks like kate the way she dressed.

When our mate came and announced about to our advisor that couldn't do a lesson I quickly took out my phone and texted her then I excused myself to the girls around me and run to the rooftop.

I didn't know why I felt like I wanted to kiss her, she saved my day when I was not in a mood when i saw kate and that guy kissing. Why did I felt like that?

When I reached the top I tread onto the terrace and watched the view thinking about kate, about our past, about our laughter when we were close.

I heard emi's heels, telling she's here, she asked how did I know i told her about the heels then I went down and walked straight toward her while she was checking her heels. When her sight got back on me I saw on her expression how confused she was.

I did not control my self but i grabbed her waist and kissed her. I admit that I didn't know the reason why I kissed her.

While kissing her, kate disappeared on my mind.


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