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Chapter 18 - Beast Mode

Joanne has made up her mind as she raises her right index finger — scanning the whole Ares headquarters. She is hell-bent on completing her new mission.

“My Ares kill list… Kevin Lee… Joss Russo… Joe Anthony… Edgar Reed… Jerry Pearlman…”

She goes transparent and strolls to the center of Ares headquarters.

She surveys the surrounding as she scouts for all the men on her kill list.

“Joss Russo is at the control room… Joe Anthony at the main entrance… Edgar Reed on the roof… Jerry Pearlman at the hangar… but no sign of Kevin Lee… where could he be… whatever — I will find him eventually.”

Joanne reveals herself in her blue silver armor as she remains standing in the middle of Ares open area, on a very clear afternoon.

Soldiers at the main entrance notice Joanne.

Joe Anthony smiling: “What do we have here?”

Joanne scowls at Joe Anthony.

Joe Anthony: “Control… do you copy?”

Joss Russo: “Yes, Joe... I can see her… take her down.”

Joe Anthony smirks: “Boys, ready… aim…”

All his men at the main entrance and upper ledge point their automatic weapons directly towards Joanne.

Joe Anthony: “Fire.”

A hailstorm of bullets rains towards Joanne.

At the control room —

Joss Russo: “Sir, she is here.”

Kevin Lee: “I know… I am watching… and radio silence with me from now on.”

Joss Russo: “Yes sir.”

Joss Russo: “Jerry, send out all battle droids to the main entrance — to clean up what is left of our unwelcome visitor.”

Jerry Pearlman: “Yes Mr. Russo.”

As the smokes clear — Joanne is still standing.

She charges towards the soldiers at the main gate as she punches and kicks the soldiers — knocking them out.

She does a handspring, leaping to the upper deck as she continues her onslaught — knocking all soldiers out.

Joe Anthony goes inside his SEP armor tank and aims their 120mm smoothbore tank gun towards Joanne.

Joe Anthony: “Fire.”

The blast completely destroys the upper deck, but missing Joanne as she jumps to the ground. She continues knocking all remaining soldiers until there is nobody left.

Joe Anthony fires their main gun again — this time, it’s a direct hit.

Ares people stop as they look at the cloud of dust and destruction.

Joe Anthony: “I got her.”

At the control room, Joss Russo is smoking while staring intensely at the giant monitor.

His cigarette falls off from his mouth: “How in the world…”

Joanne slowly gets to her feet, grimacing from the heavy blast as she glares directly at the SEP armor tank.

Joe Anthony: “Fire again.”

But before they can, Joanne dashes towards them. She goes left then right then back to the left again — making it difficult for the tank to take aim.

Joanne then leaps to top of the tank and breaks the muzzle and barrel of the main gun — destroying it completely.

SEP armor tank machine guns fire at her, but Joanne steps back as she crushes all of them. She then rips the uranium armor of the tank — creating an opening on the side.

Joe Anthony and his team inside the tank raise their hands up.

Joe Anthony: “Stop — we surrender.”

Joanne pauses but she hears battle droids behind her. She quickly jumps over the SEP armor tank as battle droids open fire — accidentally killing Joe Anthony and his entire team.

The battle droids stop as they hunt for their target.

Joanne turns transparent again as all battle droids are in a complete standstill. They frantically search for her — using their advanced scanning features like thermal infrared vision, night vision and ultrasonic sensor, but they find nothing.

Joanne smirks: They can’t see me at all.

She transforms both arms to sword-like blades — slicing all useless battle droids until none is left standing.

Joss Russo smashes both hands on the table: “Sh*t.”

Joanne reappears to her blue silver armor. She opens her helmet as she glares at the camera.

An Apache helicopter dives down attacking Joanne. They fire their M230 30mm chain gun. Joanne closes her helmet and is taken aback by the heavy firing gun. She eventually takes cover behind the damaged SEP armor tank.

Ryo Francis

Edited: 24.03.2021

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