Chrome 2968

Chapter 11 - Road Trip (part1)

“Whoa,” James shook his head. “How did you do that?”

“The magic of clairvoyance,” Joanne replied.

“You mean you have that power?” James asked.

“No, silly,” Joanne giggled. “It’s an upgrade to the brain. You could access a person’s memory using your left thumb. But since our chrome armors are connected, my mindreading power is amplified. I could access all your deepest secret if I wanted to.”

“No,” James gasped. “Please don’t. Can I let go of the dashboard already?”

“Okay,” Joanne looked around. “I believe we already got away from Conquest. Hang on. Adjusting airfoils to a better angle of attack for a smoother landing.”

The flying car landed smoothly, chrome wings retracting.

“You can let go of the dashboard,” Joanne said.

“Finally,” James sighed.

“We make a great team, don’t we?” she winked.

“So, can you tell me what is going on?”

“Wait,” Joanne snapped her fingers. “I have a better idea.”

James turned to his dad. “He’s asleep. Maybe he got a little too much excitement for one day.”

Joanne parked their car to the side.

“Hey,” James complained. “Why are we stopping? We still have a long way to go to Huntington Beach.”

“Relax, James,” Joanne closed her eyes. She opened her eyes with a smile on her face. “Ready? Are you ready to see what I know so far?”

James stared at Joanne again.

“Knock it off,” Joanne yelled.

“What?” James startled back to his senses. “Sorry. What were you saying?”

She rolled her eyes then placed her left index finger on James’ forehead.

James gasped. “What is happening? Everything went black.”

“Shh. Quiet, please.”

James heard orchestral music playing in the background, and texts appeared.



United Earth pictures



Then a text crawl followed.



— January 29, 2968 —

And so it began. Our climate changed, and the tide rose. All because of the rapid slowing down of Earth’s axis rotation. No one noticed the change right away, except for the United Earth Geological Administration (UEGA). Monitoring the slowdown, they recognized it as the single most destructive threat to Earth in the history of our planet.

United Earth Security Council, headed by Five Star General George Kurosawa, led the investigation, searching for the cause of the sudden slowdown and finding solutions to the coming disasters.

UEGA and other top scientists concluded, at the present slowdown rate, in less than a year, all life on Earth will cease to exist. There was no stopping all the catastrophic natural calamities that will soon follow.

The screen goes black again.

We panned to an animated Earth, zooming fast to United Earth Tokyo headquarters.

A smile appeared on James’ face. He was enjoying himself. It’s an animated movie, to be more specific, an anime movie.

An animated George Kurosawa talked to his scientists. “Are we ready?”

His scientists saluted, “Yes, sir.”

“Good,” George Kurosawa walked towards the main chamber. “Are you ready, my princess?”

“Yes, Daddy,” an animated Joanne in her bluish chrome armor gave a thumbs-up signal.

“Go save the world,” General Kurosawa commanded. “You are our only hope.”

“You can count on me,” Joanne pumped her arms. Walking in slow motion, Joanne beamed with pride. She enters the main chamber as George Kurosawa gives the signal to his scientists.

“Good luck, my princess of love.”

They switched the particle accelerator on, producing heat and electricity. Dumping the energy to the ground, it generated a wormhole as Joanne disappeared.

We cut to a title card.



Princess Joanne versus the Apocalypse



Hearing anime music playing in the background, Joanne fought different villains. From armed men with big guns to giant robots, she used her world-class gymnastic moves incorporated in her fighting techniques, defeating them all. Joanne piloted a spaceship full of people and cute animals, saving them all. She leaped and ended in an anime fighting stance as she winked for the camera with a peace sign.

We cut to the end credit —



Written and Directed by:

Joanne Thompson Kurosawa

Ryo Francis

Edited: 24.03.2021

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