Dangerous Love

Danger 39

I woke up myself to see that I'm in a hospital again and all the boys were looking at me. I searched for Mythion and Jake said that he went outside to get some food for me and the group.

"What happened?" I asked them.

"Well, you knocked down Hannah and broke her nose and as well as caught her," Raver explained.

"So? Where is she now?" 

"She's in the prison now with lots of securities."

"Did you tell my dad about this?" I asked Clark.

"He knew it already."

"What about mom and daddy?"

"Not yet." 

Good thing that mom did not know about it because if she did she will scold the heck out of me. Imagine how many times I've been brought to the hospital?

"I need to talk to Hannah," I said and planned to stand up when they did not allow me to.

"What's wrong I'm fine, not even injured."

"We have to wait for Mythion or else he'll get mad at us!" Xion said.

Really? I don't remember accepting orders from Mythion?

"But we need to find Lauren!" I insisted when Mythion came making me stop and stare at him looking so mad.

"Who said that I would allow you?" He said and the boys later excused themselves bringing the food with them.

"Who told all of you to take all of that?" I said to the boys who are sneaking one of my favorites that Mythion brought.

"Don't worry we'll bring all of it back when the two of you finish talking," Jake says.

"No, all of you stay here!" I commanded which made Clark, Raver, and Mythion shake their heads.

Jake defeatedly went to a seat on the sofa and placed the food down on the table beside him.

"Anyways continue." He mockingly said which I rolled my eyes and took the attached tube inside of me.

"Rosaline!" Jake and Clark yelled and I just shrugged my shoulders.

"See I told you your sister was a complete mental," Mythion added making me glare at him.

"What? I'm definitely sure that I'm okay alright? Besides we shouldn't waste our time now that we caught Hannah!" I explained to everyone for them to completely understand my point.

"We know but at least take a rest and when you do we can go to the prison where Hannah was put," Clark said making the boys agree.

"Tomorrow we should start taking action tomorrow just relax right now okay?" Mythion said to me and gave my own serving of lasagna with ice cream for dessert. 

"Fine tomorrow it shall be." 

When evening came I really wanted to take a rest but something was really bothering me. I noticed that Mythion was barely sleeping on the couch which made me feel uncomfortable. 

Walking to his place I woke him up. 

Seeing his eyes turned red due to stress and tiring day ahead made me feel bad for myself. 

"Do you want something?" He asked.

"You can sleep in the mattress with me this couch is so small." 

"No, it's alright you should be the only one to sleep there." 

"But I can't sleep that's my problem," I complained being so childish.

Mythion manages to smile through even if he was so tired he held my hand and together went to sleep in my hospital bed.

He put my head to chest and gently strokes my hair. 



"Whatever happens tomorrow you don't leave me okay?" He said seriously with sadness in his tone.

"Why would you said that?" 

"I don't know if how long I can protect you but I promise that I would always be there for you okay?"

"Yeah, I know just stop saying those silly things I hate that." 

"Okay, I love you sleep now, Rose."

"Hmmm, I love you too." 

The next day the boys and I went early to the Granville's Police Station to meet Hannah. I was actually surprised to see how many securities were guarding her so that she won't manage to get out or do anything again.

My dad really is so protective.

Just by seeing her I couldn't help myself boil in anger.

"Well look who's here? Rosaline?"

"Quit the shitty talk now Hannah tell me where can I find Lauren?" I asked but she just laughs mentally like she was going crazy.

I did not pay attention though but she just kept on laughing and later stopped.


"How funny I thought you were so smart and now you're so clueless!" She said mocking me.

"Just tell it to me now or else-"

"Or what?" She asked and then I took my secret files and showed it to her.

"Or else goodbye to the young son and father of yours." I tried to threaten her which was very effective because I witnessed how scared her face turned out after hearing my words and seeing the picture I gave.

"Don't you dare!" She screamed angrily at me which is now my turn to laugh.

"Oh, honey I'm not that cruel as you can think but I'm as good if I don't get what I want," I whispered loud and clear.

"What do you want?!" 

I then took out my laptop and showed her the access portal where I can the location of Lauren.

"Tell me the code or I will slaughter your dear family," I warned.

"It's GravenviiledoorSSD47."


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