Deception and secrets

The return of the Golden Boy

Boris Landi thought the world of his first born son Dimitri, he meant everything to him even if Boris had three other children with one of them being bi-racial, Boris didn't really pay them any attention, unless it was to make his image look spotless, and Dimitri oh he was a good boy at heart.

Boris was pacing back and forth, while the chandeliers were being hung, and the champagne fountain was being prepared, you could smell the food wafting throughout the mansion, it was a big night for Boris his first born was finally returning home.

Ivan turns the handle and let's himself In unannounced, "Hey", Ivan said

"Don't you ever knock?" Natalia retorted.

"Were you twirling?" Ivan asked, with a smirk

"Well yeah! I have to look great, its my night you know?" Natalia said.

As she keeps twirling and looking at herself in the mirror, Natalia had beautiful caramel like skin, with her plump lips wearing a beautiful red lipstick and with her brown curls pulled up and the front pieces of her hair, Perfectly resting on her forehead.

"You're night! I thought this was for Dimitri?" Ivan said leaning over Natalia to adjust his bow tie, in his sister's mirror

"Oh who cares about him?, I care about who's coming, investors the who's who of the business world", Natalia said, with a smirk forming in the corner of her mouth,

"Oh yeah! I forgot you hate Dimitri, we should get downstairs, guests will be arriving soon", Ivan Quickly diverted the conversation

As people are arriving, with Natalia and Ivan coming down the stairs, Natalia immediately sees an investor as Natalia walks over to him, her father quickly grabs her shoulder and pulls her away 

 "What the hell are you doing?" Boris said, with a deep annoyance in his voice

"What's the matter daddy afraid the room will be impressed, to know you actually have another child smarter than Dimitri", Natalia, says sarcastically

"You! Not embarass me!" Boris says angrily and in sheer frustration whispers to her, "And where the hell! Is Sacha?".

"Well maybe he didn't wanna be here, you know he hates you just as much as I do!" Natalia said, sipping on her glass, and rolling her eyes.

As Boris looses his patience with Natalia, he quickly snaps his fingers at his head of security.

"Take her outside keep her quiet" Boris orders

"Carlos Don't you", Natalia says in a high pitched voice.

Before Natalia could say another word she was pulled outside by Carlos.


"Do you know what tonight is!?" Diana said with excitement in her voice,

"Why you so excited?" Theresa said, with no interest at all

"Because I am going to the Landi ball" she giggled, 

Diana had always been a risk taker, a bit of a chancer, somewhat of a big dreamer.

"Well I gotta finish this dress for Mrs Robinson?" Theresa said, by the tone of her voice you could she was not at all interested.

"Don't you care?"Diana said shaking her firey red hair as she sat down watching Theresa sow a dress for their neighbour Mrs Robinson.

"You know, pretty soon I won't be doing this anymore, I mean!, Who wants to sow dresses for other people when you could be rich, and live like a Landi?"

Diana said, with a dreamy look in her face.

"People like that, don't talk to people like us" Theresa said, continuing with the sowing machine.

"You know, Theresa it wouldn't kill you to take a chance every now and then, I mean taking a risk might get you somewhere" Diana said.

" I have two jobs, and responsibilities, I don't have time for other people's lives, I got enough of my own... thank you verrry much", Theresa said, Dragging her voice.


As the guests are drinking and eating waiting on the arrival of Dimitri, Natalia is bitter and sitting outside with her shoes off and her toes in the grass and a bottle of Dom Pérignon,

"What are you doing!? Give me that!"Carlos said,

As he grabs the $49,000 bottle from her, and takes a sip himself, you could tell Natalia was impressed.

 "You're breaking the rules, if Boris finds out, you're gonna be in trouble", Natalia starting to slur, a little, when Natalia and Carlos both hear a raspy voice behind them saying.

"Hello Natalia how ar....Shane was about to say

Natalia cuts him off..

"What the! Hell do you want!!?"Natalia said slurring.

Shane is the best and longest friend of Boris, he was a Little mysterious, he also is Boris business partner.

Carlos grabs Natalia and they both move inside.

"Here he is!"Boris says loudly with excitement in his voice.

my son! Welcome home! Son! Boris grabbing Dimitri at the back of neck, and placing his forehead against Dimitri's

As Dimitri steps in, all dressed up in a black tuxedo, his dark hair gelled back, with a perfect piece of his hair resting on his forehead, Dimitri with the rest of tied up in a "man bun" he had a scar on his eyelid, he was 6 feet tall, he had a deep voice.

All the guests started fawning all over him, and in that moment Natalia and Carlos walk in... Natalia staring at all those men, important men all they wanna do is talk to the next Landi, who will be taking over the empire after Boris, it was as if Ivan and Natalia became invisible.

The visionary

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