Amy's POV- 

Waking up was a pain, especially since I wanted to sleep in some more. I got up and texted Poppy that I had researched what we were doing. She didn't reply which I wasn't surprised about.

               I had a whole Saturday to myself, what was I going to do?

My eyes slid to the pile of books I had received Friday night from the Librarian, "Guess I'll be reading those... And I have another packet from Mrs. Rogers, I can start that as well." I grumbled under my breath while pushing myself out of bed with a grunt; not the most lady-like.

I spent the day reading the books and book-marking pages that appeared to be of significance. I only stopped to choke down some lunch, use the bathroom, and take a small walk outside. I couldn't stand being locked inside for prolonged periods of time. By the time Sunday rolled around I was almost overjoyed to actually be doing something over than sitting around.

Instead of carrying all of those books to Poppy's house, I emptied my backpack and but them in there; they still weighed a ton but I preferred it to carrying them in my arms.


To my surprise when I got to Poppy's room, Shelly was already there; sitting crossed legged on the carpeted floor. Poppy was conversing with her but she didn't seem to be fully listening; just picking at the carpet with a mellow expression on her face.

"We're doing it on flowers, some extinctions and endangerment of them, and the chemical properties in them that scientist and environmentalists use to help the environment." I said as soon as I stepped into the room. Shelly looked startled and looked at me for the first time. "Oh I didn't see... or hear you enter...."

Poppy, however, looked excited, "That sounds like a great idea!" She beamed. Cocoa came trotting into the room; she looked a little bigger than the last time I saw her. She oinked a greeting and went over to curl up besides the bed.

The red-head went up to get her laptop while I began to dump out the books I had in my bag. Shelly's face blanched, or at least I think it did, I could hardly tell under all the makeup. "I got books from the library!"

"Yeah that place is charming." Poppy said sitting down besides me and lifting her laptop open and pulling up slides.

"I would say decorative." I snorted. "But I like it."

"Is that where your flower idea came from?" Shelly rolled her eyes.

"Yes. And you're writing the slides remember?"

Shelly rolled her baby blue eyes again, " I didn't forget."

"OK, enough tension, Amy what did you find in the books?" Poppy asked. I flipped open to one of the book-marked pages and began to show them and explain. This way we went through the library books. Shelly got some paper and a pencil and took down some notes as we went along; that way she probably could copy them down into the slides later when she had the time.

When we were half way through the books it was almost lunch time and stomachs were growling from hunger, so we went out to eat lunch. There was this spot, an old café, that was run by the same manager for over 50 years and we decided to stop by that location.

The smell of brewing coffee and baking pastries made me moan, "Oh that smells so good." My stomach let out a rumble of agreement.

                I hope it doesn't taste like rotten apples, that would certainly ruin it.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the Librarian sitting at one of the polished tables in the café; nothing but a book in hand. I recalled the image of her irises flashing color the day before and I quickly diverted my eyes.

               I would return the books today...

We went in and ordered some food before choosing a table to sit down at. I gave out a small sigh. Everything seemed normal at that point, Poppy was chatting happily away at Cocoa's happy condition and I felt content just to listen and not do anything. Until my skin began to itch and crawl. A burning pain boiled across my body and throat. "I'm going to go use the bathroom." I weakly stated before rising abruptly from my seat; it screeched against the ground.

When I got to the bathroom whirled around to lock it before leaning back against the door. Digging my nails into my skin I tried to see if I could feel any other pain besides the singing stabbing of the needles under my skin. Of a monstrous snake clawing and biting in the back of my head. I felt like crying but I pushed back tears that threatened to spill over.

               No crying God dammit!

Gradually the burning of fire inside me diminished and what felt like the stabbing of my skin dwindled to little pricks, the headache had lessened but remained still, however any longer in the bathroom that was beige in color, and Poppy and Shelly could think I was dead, or something else had happened to me.

I looked at myself in the rectangular mirror the bathroom had above the sink and fixed my appearance up a tad bit before unlocking the door and walking back to the table.

Just as I sat down someone called our name order and Poppy went up to get it. Out of nowhere Shelly gave a sigh and said, "You're lucky to have such a nice friend. Don't lose her." Her whole person looked weary and drained but the moment I glanced at her she straightened up in her chair.

"Was that a threat?"

"No just an observation, and some advice."

Ariadne Black

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