A Storm is a Bad Omen

Amy's POV-

Detention was a pain in the ass. All I could do was sit there and work on homework; more specifically the unfinished history packet assigned my Mrs. Rogers. When that was done I had other teachers' homework and assignments I could complete, and I did so. Overall It was a total bore. It was made even worse for the teacher in detention was the second person that was conspiring my downfall with Mrs. Rogers I swear it.... The person was.... My 5th period math teacher, Mr. Snow.

All through detention he just drummed his fingers on the wooden desk in the corner of the room while his mint green eyes swept across the room. They periodically landed on me and when they did he'd narrow them suspiciously as if he didn't quite trust me not to bolt out of the room any second.

I was so thankful when it was over and now before I went home I was planning to go and see if Poppy was home. Yet the ominous grey clouds far head in the distance felt like an omen.

               Maybe I should just go home...

My backpack was an extra weight I didn't like. I let a sigh escape me and it swirled in the air like smoke.

               Why is it so cold? It's the middle of spring yet it feels like the middle of winter.

A cool breeze nipped playfully at my skin. Somewhere behind me, I heard an angry shout that was quickly followed by the crash of a glass bottle, sending splinters of sharp, glittering, mirrors splashing among the alleyway.

I froze and almost though about looking back to see what had caused that commotions but thought better of it. I didn't want to get caught up... if there was something to get caught up in.

I heard another glittering crash followed by curses, but they were fainter now as I father away.

When I knocked on the looming dark oak door, Poppy's mom answered. "Oh hello, Amy what can I do for you?" She was wearing a cute apron and her dark red hair was done in a bun; a few strands escaped it though and few down her heart shaped face.

"Is Poppy home?" I asked politely.

"No, I haven't seen her." She didn't seem at all worried. "I wonder where she is?" She said aloud.

"Oh alright... Sorry for bothering you!" I replied turning back around and walking away.

                I swear that woman is daft, her daughter is missing yet she doesn't seem to care in the slightest.

"If you do happen to see her, tell her dinner is at 8:30!" Poppy's mother called out to me as I walked away. I snorted as I walked away determined to find Poppy while her incompetent mother closed the door behind me and continued to cook her dinner.

I followed the path of the sidewalks and retraced our favorite places to go and hideout when we didn't want to see the world. When I didn't find her in any of those places I went back to thinking. I was tapping my chin in thought when I ran into two people. Two burly people.

With a growl of irritation, I shoved past them and moved on. They however didn't have the peace of mind to move on.

"Hey ya bitch watch where ya going." The first guy taunted while his pale snickered. I sucked in a breath through my teeth. I didn't have time for this, so I just kept on walking forward and thinking where my best friend could be. And why didn't she tell me where she would be going.

That's not like her at all. The more I thought about it a feeling of hurt mixed in with worry and a bit of ire at Poppy. But it quickly vanished when a hand placed on my shoulder; stopping me in place.

"Maybe you should learn some manners..."

"Don't you know who we are?"

I rolled my eyes. "A couple of jackasses?" I said and shrugged his hand of my shoulder while turning around to face them both. They didn't look like alley thugs that you would find in a gang.  Each had on casual business attire like they were just going to work, and besides the condescending smirks on their faces they would've been nice men.

With my words anger seeped into their grins and faces and one of them morphed into a scowl.

"I mean don't you know who I am?" I replied with a smirk of my own.

They both looked puzzled now; trying to guess or rack their memories for any hint or clue to what I was going to do.

Finally, the second one, the one with a scowl growled out "No why should I."

I just grinned wider like the Cheshire Cat as I brought my knee up to his groin. He didn't react fast enough to protect himself and howled in pain; doubling over on the ground. His partner apparently has a few more brain cells and reacted quicker. He reached for me, but I was already spinning around and running out of reach with a impish laugh.


I was about to give up my search for Poppy and just head home those dark clouds were rolling over head now and it was getting colder, but I wanted to check one last place before I did so. It was meadow that was secluded from the world and in the spring and summer like now was full of wild flowers of all colors and released their sweet scent into the air that attracted butterflies and pollinators that flitted clumsily around.

When I got there, I wadded through the waist high golden grass and clumps of pale purple lavender and rosemary where I heard voices behind the uneven shaped rock that sat boldly in the center of it all. I recognized one of the voices but not the other.

Creeping up behind the rock the wind rustling through the meadow covered my sound as I crept through the grass and over the large boulder silently. Reaching the top, I shouted, "FOUND YOU!"

Ariadne Black

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