Amy's POV-

I went to sleep early feeling the exhaustion take over by body and sleep overwhelm me.


I was jerked awake from someone pushing me onto the ground. I hissed in a rolling heap of blankets as I tried to get out of my trap of quilts. Halting my struggling long enough I turned around in the dark, which I could see surprisingly well in, to glare at Gertrude who was the owner of the hand that had pushed me off in the first place, then dragging my glare to my alarm clock to see that it was only 20 minutes before my alarm would go off signaling for me to wake up, which it was to late for that.... I was already awake.

"WHY DID YOU PUSH ME!" I hissed irritated and moved my heated gave back to Gertrude who only shrugged annoyingly. "You were twitching in your sleep." She wound a curl of hair around her finger as I squirmed out of my blankets. "And you started to shred up your pillow." She nudged the clothe filled sack down to the floor with me where I could see claw marks and scratches marring the pillow's surface.

We both sat in silence, Gertrude tugging on her strand of hair while I lamely tried to put back in the stuffing that had escaped from the pillow. "Maybe I should come with you to school..." She suddenly spoke, releasing the lock of hair and letting bounce back with the rest. "I mean we wouldn't want you accidently setting something on fire."

I rolled my eyes, "You can't just enroll in school especially with no background or parents... And for your information I already set something on fire."

"That isn't something you should be proud of!" Gertrude tossed another pillow at me which hit me squarely in the face. I huffed and shoved the pillow off of me. The elder women was gathering more hair and twirling around her finger again. "Which reminds me I don't even know your affinities which makes you a wild card."

"Affinities?" I questioned.

"Abilities you correspond to or have a power for, it could run in a blood line or come out of nowhere. For instance, my affinity is with plants and nature, I can make them grow, twist and bend to my will, or make them shrivel and die. It's also why I like the heat more and hate the cold." I thought about the time when we found the shivering Gertrude.

"You, however, don't like the heat, so you could have a cold affinity, or it could just be in the bloodline that you don't like the heat. "

"Wait so affinities and bloodlines can have NOTHING to do with each other?!" I grabbed the side of my head.

"Yeah, you could come from a bloodline with the affinity for the cold or ice put just have a completely different main power, which would result in you liking the cold and having a different power than other blood relatives."

"Great..." I muttered unenthusiastically. "Give me another reason to be different." Gertrude looked like she was about to answer that sardonic question when my alarm clock blared to life; startling me in the process.

I rushed to my closet to pick out a uniform to wear before rushing to the bathroom to take a shower. I peeled off the bandages from my body after stepping in; tossing the soggy material into the trash bucket near the toilet.w

As the hot water fogged up the bathroom and the cascade of clear water droplets pelted my skin in a steady rhythm, some of the tension from the past few days evaporated from my body and I managed to relax under the water.

Leaning my head against the cool bathroom walls I closed my eyes and felt tranquil for the first time in a while.


"AMY! GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM!" Rapid knocks followed in quick succession after. The feminine voice penetrated through the spray of water. It belonged to Ivy, no doubt pissed that I was in the bathroom too long.

I turned off the nozzle of the shower and stepped to dry myself, get dressed for school and quickly run a brush through my pale hair before stepping out to greeted with a newly awakened Ivy; her eyes glaring daggers.

"Took you long enough." She sneered while pushing past me to lock herself in the bathroom. Soon after I heard the water turn on. I stuck my tongue out at the closed door before heading back to my room.

Slinging my backpack over my shoulder I turned back around to head downstairs and out the front door, on my way to school.

As per usual Poppy met up with me along the way, a smile graced her face. "Why weren't you here at school yesterday?"

"Think of it as me reprimanding you for ditching me last time." I stuck my tongue out at her childishly. Poppy just rolled her eyes at my antic until she noticed the slight scrapes across my skin. A frown formed on her face as she took my hand. "What happened?"

"Long story." I waved her off. "So, we've got time." The persistent red-head countered. I let out a sigh before giving in to recount the tell of what happened, getting attacked and staying home from school to explain the wounds, me being a demon. When I was finished with my long explanation Poppy's mouth had dropped in an astonished 'O'.

"Maybe Gertrude knows what those things are, you can ask her!" Poppy suggested, correcting her face. "But oh my gosh! That must have been horrible! But I kind-of actually had suspicions about the Demon part..." She reached out for my arm again I didn't yank away; a little astonished at my friend. The scratches were almost completely healed and were now just red outlining anyway. When we reached school, Poppy let go of my arm and we entered through to prepare for another boring day.

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