Little Girl

Melissa's POV (Amy's Mom)


            She's the spitting image of her father... I can't take it... She reminds me everything in my past... And now those fools are in town, no doubt conjuring up some plan. I see right through you Mr. President ... No matter I have my own...

I pulled out a chair from table and sat down to have a drink from my cup of chamomile tea to calm my nerves.

She's been acting suspicious. Getting into trouble- more than usual- sneaking out... Not eating... Oh I've noticed...

               Maybe I should set my plan into action?... I can't take it... The guilt... the pain...

I finished my tea and stood up from the chair. Walking to the sink I placed the delicate cup into the sink and turned on the water to clean it. Once done I walked to my bedroom with a sigh that was soon accompanied by a yawn. It was getting late and sleep sagged on me like wet towels, layered on to create another weight to the burdens already there.

Collapsing on the king-sized bed, sleep pulled me into slumber almost instantly.


This dream didn't seem to be a nightmare this time which was a drastic change from all other nights. I was just falling, falling, falling... Much tamer compared to the monstrous creations my brain created past sleeps. I didn't appear to stop plummeting; the wind whipped by my ears creating the sound howling as if it was screaming at me for all my wrong doings...

               Yes... Much milder...

Forever falling, never stopping, always going, always dropping...

The only unpleasantness was the swooping feeling in stomach, like it was on a rollercoaster ride in my body.

               Its having more fun than me...

I came to the conclusion after a while of nonstop falling that maybe if I closed my eyes and willed myself out, the dream would stop and I would go back to being in my bed alone with the dead of night with no sounds to disturb me.

It didn't work... I was still falling, I wasn't stopping, I just kept dropping. I sighed but the sound was just swallowed up by the howling screams of the wind.

Forever falling,

Never stopping,

Always going,

Always dropping.

The phrase repeated in my mind for some unknown reason. Was it some kind of allegory for my life? That I was just falling in ruin and despair. It resounded as if I know it some how. But of course I didn't know it... I'd never heard the rhyme in my life; or maybe I had and just didn't remember it...No...

I just wanted it to stop, it was getting boring just falling without nothing new to see besides the whipping of my hair, even the ground wasn't visible when I looked down. Forever falling towards an unknown ground.

As if hearing my pleas my body rushed towards a sudden and new blue surface. Rolling waves of water licked endlessly to the horizon. Wherever that was.

I smacked into it with sudden force, surface tension making the water like concrete. The freezing water engulfed my body, the impact felt like it was shattering bones. I felt myself sink down into the darkening depths and I was vaguely aware of pale colored hands reaching up from the dark deepness of the water. They curled around my limbs and dragged me down deeper. Pain spread along my body as the lack of oxygen burned through my body.

The pain soon began to overwhelm me, overtaking my body and screeching through my veins. And suddenly I was jerked back awake.


I bolted up; my heart was racing in my chest as I looked around the dark room. In the darkness I could make out the sleeping form of Todd, snoring beside heavily besides me. He mumbled something in his sleep before turning over and hugging his pillow. Sweat dripped down my skin and made my hair stick to my skin.

Clearing my dry throat, my tongue felt too large and the back of my throat felt like a desert.

                 I need some water...

I hopped out from underneath the covers and slid into the fuzzy slippers that waited and the side of the bed. Padding silently to the doorway, warm air brushed by my face. A window was left open, the curtains that framed it fluttered around when a breeze forced its way through the opening.

               I didn't remember leaving a window open... No... All doors and windows are closed at night.

Shuffling over I pushed the window closed and it shut with a slight click. With the window done the dryness in my throat became more apparent and I headed over to the kitchen for a glass of water. The wooden flooring abruptly changed to white tiles as I crossed to the kitchen. The night was quite except for the whirling of the A.C machine and the quite buzz of bugs outside that didn't sleep. They were an annoyance to my ears.

I moved here to get away from everything, for peace, for quite-inner and outer- But now everything is coming back, the past especially. Can the present take it? I certainly can't. Not now. I walked up to the kitchen counter and rested my body against it. The guilt was eating at me; it had been eating at me for 13 years now, but I pushed it away. The cold of the counter pushed against the heat of my body and I let out a sigh; long and relaxed.

Forcing myself away from the counter I rummaged around for a glass before filling it with water from the purifier. It soothed my parched throat and calmed the bundled nerves in my belly. But it was when I placed the cup gently back down on the counter top that I noticed a black smudge; blacker than the rest of my surroundings or else I wouldn't have seen it, resting on the marble surface. It looked like a liquid, slightly shiny like oil and it stood on the surface like a drop of dew.

Ariadne Black

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