Sneak In

Amy's POV-


I felt shoddy and like trash, I thought that the sick feeling had gone away for good once I had shifted and got lost at night on the streets as a dog-thing. But nope a bubbling pain sprouted like a weed in my belly and it felt like hot tension built up underneath my skin. I was hot.... Uncomfortable.... And felt like a large tub of lard.

Collapsing on my bed I closed my eyes only to open them a few seconds later to sunlight pouring in through my window. I growled before pushing myself off the bed, headed downstairs, and out the door without changing out of my baggy T-shirt and gym shorts that where used as pajamas. My attitude was worsened by the headache that was piercing the back of my skull with spikes of pain.

"This day started worse and it is just gonna get worse now!" Raking a hand through my messy hair I noticed that the headache wasn't from an overwhelming amount of smells and information; it was like I had gotten used to those. I could pick up different scents and tell them from others like after the recent rain from last night, the water added a wet smell to the leaves of the plants and trees; it even made the earthy soil smell moister. I had gone off on a thought tangent but if the headaches weren't coming from an override of scenery info then why was I getting them on and off and so often when I never had them before?

I looked over and noticed a familiar curved and bendy tree. It was the one that Gertrude and I had used to climb on!

                And the one I almost died from falling on.... So good and bad. But that also means I could find that concrete building again.

A mini battle was going on in my head despite the pain, that experience there was slightly terrifying but if I go there again I could look around for something useful... I know something diabolical is happening in this town and I bet the President Andrew is in on it as well as those creepy bracelets and necklaces.

My mind was made up, I had a pretty good idea on the path to where the building was, the only problem I could see was getting in and not being seen. Gertrude seemed to stress that last particularly well when talking about walking in the open along with shifting. I tended to doze out after that point.

I turned in the alleyway that housed the dumpster that was used to jump off and onto the tree. I shifted behind the dumpster into a cat before padding out and following the path by memory. Stray gravel crunched beneath my pads. The scents of the world were strengthened, the earth sweeter and despite the shoddy apartments that lined the streets in some parts the nature around me gave off a soothing aura.

A tiger striped butterfly fluttered past to land on a cluster of violet pansies that surrounded a tree with a moss-covered bass. I sprinted over, briefly forgetting my mission and swatted at the insect; it dodged and fluttered back into the air only to be swept by the wind.

I watched it for a few seconds before remembering my mission with a sudden start and continued my course. The concrete building was soon in site, it looked even more ominous and frightening then before. It gave off a darker feeling which sent a shiver down my spine almost like the one when Poppy and I went to the library.

I forced myself to step forward and walk toward to the decrepit building. A trash can rattled which caused my attention to snap towards it, a stray cat jumped out and ran into the dark. My heart was pounding in my throat and I wasn't even in the building yet.

Approaching the building my ears swiveled around; trying to pick up the slightest sound. The area was dead silent, setting me on edge. Where were the people? There weren't even any on the streets.

The hole that acted as our entrance before was blocked up and I cursed inwardly, scraping at the ground with claws. I surveyed around the building for another way in; pawing at any surface or possible way in. Eventually I came across a vent that I slammed open and crawled into. The insides were musty and hot making me incredibly uncomfortably as I shimmed through.

As I was walking an ominous creak sounded below me. I paused to listen only to fall through as the piece of metal below me broke sending me plummeting towards the plain concrete ground. Gravity grabbed hold and shoved me down. Air brushed past my fur until I landed with a jarring stop on all four feet, the force tingled all along my nerves.

Shaking it off I sniffed along the ground for any incriminating evidence. The smell old cologne mixed with body odor and perfume wafted from the ground and stained my nose. Dust bunnies sat in the corner of the dark room that I had landed in. The metal panel had fallen off and clattered with a metallic sound on the ground.

I padded around the semi-large room, nudging every little thing and trying to lift bigger objects. Dust puffed up around me every time I tried to lift something and let it go. Paw prints trailed after in the layers of grime and dust. The chairs that surrounded the one table in the room looked huge with their long legs looming almost like barren tree trunks. The wooden furniture seemed fragile as well, as if any weight would make them creak and collapse into dust.

Then something happened that made my heart skip a beat. Footsteps. I could feel them vibrating through the floor and in the dusty with my pawprints tracked along the floor, there was nowhere to hide.

I scrambled franticly along the concrete floor and the footsteps that vibrated from the ground and that I heard in my ears only acted to heighten my panic. I curled into the dark corner of the room and peered out of the gloom. The door that was locked shut, clicked open and suddenly swung ajar. I held my breath and tried to curl deeper into myself as four people shuffled in. Three of them were men and the other was a female. I recognized all of them; two males and the female being the ones that Gertrude and I had seen and stumbled upon their conversation. But the other man caused a shiver to run down my spine; It was the creepy news reporter, hair still slicked back, eyes dark and cold.

Ariadne Black

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