President Pricks

Amy's POV-


After the media center electricity incident, we were all rushed outside and to my surprise none of the lights in the surrounding buildings were on, not even the whirling of the A.C machine could be heard. I watched as other classrooms of students poured out to try and see what was going.

"Oh, yikes, you caused a black out." Angie winced. "It'll probably fixed soon... Right?" I laughed nervously. "No one knows I did it." I added just for good measure. The agents in black suits were also out and I watched them too, one of them took out a small notepad and scribbled something down on it.

I nudged Angie, "What do you think about those agent-people-suit-things?"

"Oh I hate them, before school started everyday I would try to play a prank on someone, but now that those President Pricks are here I can't do anything! Onetime this guy stopped me, didn't even take me to the principal to get me in trouble, just started to question for the hour before the bell rang." Angie wrinkled her nose in distaste. Shading my eyes from the glare of the sun I spun around in the growing clump of kids scanning for anyone else I knew.

Suddenly Angie sprung up from her sassy position to flail her arms wildly about and jumping up and down. A small girl with chestnut brown hair cut short and warm brown eyes to match. Angie lunged at the smaller girl and for a second I thought she was going to attack her before Angie wrapped her arms around the brown-haired girl and squeezed her.

Then she turned to me and tapped the girl's head with a slender finger. "This is Mia... Mia this is Amy she's a Demon two."

"Not so loud!" I hissed. Angie just rolled her eyes, "Who's gonna want to hurt us, we've done nothing wrong plus what are they gonna do to us, I mean I've got fire power, you've got your electricity, Mia can sniff out any danger, if we stick together nobody could hurt us." Mia gave a huff of displeasure at the sentence 'sniff out danger' meanwhile I felt another stir of anxiety but this time it was at Angie's words and my mind flashed back to the conversations I overheard at the concrete building. I didn't know if I should tell Angie what I overhead, she seemed confident that we could fight against them if we were in a group.

I grabbed Angie's arm and tugged her close to me. "Angie, I overheard people talking about killing Demons and us. They're currently out there still."

Angie's eyes widened a fraction and she didn't say anything for a while. Mia crept closer, the sleeves of her uniform were too long for her arms and they hung over giving the short girl and even cuter appearance. "Someone wants to kill us?!" She spoke up in a soft voice with a whisper of panic.

"No, no, no! I just overhead a conversation, we don't have to worry too much." I felt like I should reassure Mia in some way. "Like Angie said." Mia looked skeptical before she turned her brown eyes down to the grown.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of grey color and then Gertrude trotted up besides me. Now I guess we had created our own clump of people. Gertrude jabbed a finger in my and scolded me, "What did you do! It's basically like your first day back and you've caused a blackout.

Mia perked up slightly and she turned her gaze, "Wait, you did this?"

"NO!, no... No one jump to conclusions!" I snapped and hugged myself. "And stop talking so loud, gheesh."

"I can at least agree with that." Mia stated. "And you're the sudden new kid. No offense but aren't you a little to old to be in high school."

"I'm here to watch someone so they don't get in trouble, which obviously isn't going on so well." Gertrude gestured to the town. "Amy what did you do?" Gertrude cocked her hip and glared at me. "I did nothing!... Devastating...." I dodged my eyes and bit the inside of my cheek.

Just then when Gertrude was about to chew me out some more the principal came out with a cone speaker and spoke loudly into it. "It a-it appears the power has gone off." The stubby man cleared his throat, "Indefinitely..." at this a mummer ran through the crowd of students even some of the facility. Some of the kids checked their phones, "I still have bars." One kid whispered, "Me too."

Th principal cleared his throat again, "And some of you may be wondering why your phones still work, that's because the cellular towers have batteries that run on backup power in an event of a electrical grid failure. Unfortunately, unless you have a generator all power in the town is out, including A.C. plumbing, lights, and medical care."

"Not the A.C," I moaned which resulted in a harsh flick from Gertrude.

"We don't think we can continue the school day, so we're letting you all out early, stay safe, be safe, and don't go out at night, we'll sent you're parents a call when school is back on as well as the electricity here, we might have some readjustments here as well." The principal's shoulders slumped in a posture of defeat as he let the noise cone hang limp at his side. The vice principal came up and patted him on the back with an expression of sympathy and I felt a pang of it along with her. It was clear that the principal loved his job and wanted a good environment for the students.

I suddenly felt a tug at my sleeve and looked to see Gertrude pulling me away. "Come on Amy."

"Look, a didn't mean to do it, the thing just happened!" I tried to explain but Gertrude only gave me side glance before continuing to pull me along. Poppy appeared then from the dwindling crowd to nudge my hip effectively losing Gertrude's hold. "What's up? No school, indefinitely! Yeah!" Poppy cheered and fisted the air.

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