Lady Under the Lamp

Amy's POV-

Gertrude was waiting for in my bedroom. Her contacts gone but the dye was still there unfortunately green roots were starting to peek out. I frowned at that yet I didn't get a chance to say anything before Gertrude opened her mouth. "What did you do?" She nodded towards the spray can. "Do I want to know? Was it legal?!"

"It was legal... I think... Besides no one saw me!" flopped down on my bed with a sigh, exhaustion was dragging at me but something else was as well, a small twitch in the back of my mind, it would have been easy to ignore if only I had never felt before and therefore I was curious about what this sensation was.

Gertrude must have saw the weird look on my face because she asked, "What's wrong, you're not suddenly feeling guilt at whatever you did, are you?"
I snorted, "No.. There just a strange feeling in my head." At my words Gertrude's face grew to concerned and worried. "Does it feel like there's a string attached to two poles and it's vibrating?"

I turned my head to look at her "The fuck?"

"I'm guessing not.." Gertrude mumbled. "What were you talking about!?" I asked. "A mind link. In your head it looks like a web of strings, the strings a are the minds of other people you trust or have family connections with, all of them vibrating with thoughts of other people. BUt if an affinity is strong enough, it might come off in the mind link." I looked at her confused when she said the last sentence.

"For instance, your electricity, if someone tried to speak to you through mind link, it would feel like they're being shocked everytime they touch your link."

"That must be unpleasant..." I blinked and rolled over on my bed, the early morning light was seeping in from the curtains and Gertrude went over to shut them.

"Speaking of unpleasant, you haven't eaten... And I think I may have found a little loophole to that rule of only eating raw meat." Gertrude sat down next to the window sill but now was listening fully to her words. "What!?"

"Order extra raw streak at a restaurant!"

"You're allowed to do that?"

"At Simolle's Grill you are!" Gertrude laughed at my wide-eyed look. "I ordered it! It tastes good and besides a small bellyache an hour I'm fine, feel fine, look fine!" The elder female ran a hand through the locks of her hair with a smile. "So, I was thinking since you probably wouldn't like chasing down a wild creature and eating that you could call anybody you want to come join us and we could check it out. But... Now you're obviously exhausted so now that won't work." She let out a puff of air.

"Just let me sleep a bit, I can't be active all day..." I rolled my eyes and Gertrude just sighed, "If you hadn't been out all night..."

I tuned her speech out as sleep sagged at my eyes and slowly lead me into darkness.


I woke back up at around noon, my phone told me so. Gertrude was still in the corner; a book opened in her hand. She looked deeply invested in the pages of the bound cover.

"So, you're finally awake. You wanna go to Simmolle's now?" She looked up from the book she was reading and I rubbed the remaining sleep from my eyes.

"I guess, I don't want to feel this hungry anymore." I grumbled while rolling out bed to change clothes. "Good!" The green-haired lady jumped up from the floor and jumped around impatiently; waiting for me to change into something other than last night's clothes. After changing Gertrude dragged me out of the house a series of streets;I could smell the sizzling of meat from the restaurant, the grilled vegetables and spices permeating the air making my mouth water at the same time my stomach roll.

"Come on,come on!" Gertrude dragged me enthusiastically towards the entrance of the Grill and after waiting 12 minutes we got seated with menus placed in front of us. Gertrude bounced excitedly in her cushioned seat.

"Just remember to ask for extra rare meat." Just then a waiter came in to take our order and drinks; I mimicked the same as Gertrude, not even looking at the menu. The waiter looked at us both funny but Gertrude just waved him off. "This place is one of the only restaurants with more than one generator.So your little outburst didn't effect this place." She winked while I stuck my tongue out at her and turned my head to look out the window that we sat besides.

While I was scanning the roads my eyes landed on a particular lady that-amid all the people in neutral colored suits or everyday clothing- stood out, or maybe she just attracted my attention. She stood under a lamppost; scrolling through her phone. Long white hair that was strikingly similar to my own was tied back in a fishtail braid that ran down to her waist with a crimson streak pushing through the snow-white strands while bright red irises matched the streak in her hair.

Shear wore a sundress, the top of it was made up of alternating horizontal black and white stripes, each black stripe was outlined in neon red. The dress below her waist was black with bright red trim.

The woman looked up from her phone with an expression of intrigue on her face as well as a bit of shock. Slowly she turned around and her blood red irises stared directly into my violet ones; a smile parted her thin lips. I broke eye contact and twirled so fast I could've gotten quiplash to face Gertrude again.

"Oh woah, I've never seen you so excited to see me."

Ariadne Black

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