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I smoothed out any wrinkles on my navy blue uniform. I wanted to make a good impression of course, I also acknowledged what we were doing was wrong, it was invasive, but it was an order and none of the other operatives were going against it... so it must not be that morally wrong... Right? Besides Mr. Andrew and General Richard assured me it wasn't wrong..

' "If you keep that look on your face Mr. Heacock, you'll scare off everybody and this family definitely won't let you into their home." Stephanie Marsh, my partner joked. "You're right, I need to be friendly, the prime, trustworthy officer everybody can count on." I thumped on my chest right above my heart but it didn't still the nerves that bundled in my stomach. The GPS in my phone was messing up constantly as if something was interfering and I had abandoned it long ago for a standard map even though it was 100 years old it looked as if the town hadn't changed much. It was still surrounded by beautiful forest, there wasn't much crime except for those murders but those only occured at night, no wonder they had a fear.

Newcomers were rare and generally accepted, unless they wanted to change the town, that's when the hostility towards the President had started I had noticed. When he had come here, there was mixed opinions about him, but as soon as he wanted to implement a new idea for the town- set up agents around town like spies, set up more officers in school, crush down disobedience- it was decided real quick whether President Andrew was good or not. Something was fishy and it wasn't just the instant hostility of the teenagers of this place.

"John, you're doing the face again!" Stephanie laughed, "Stop it, we're almost there!" She was right, we had reached the street where the house would be; and there it was, across the paved sidewalk.

It was a small redbrick house and a small strip of grass surrounded the building. Planted peonies in the grass gave the already preppy looking building an even more cheerful look. I had a good feeling about this place. Maybe the person who lived here would be a nice old couple who would invite them in and sympathize with their situation. They would agree with the Stephanie and me and allow us to stay, and every morning there would be freshly baked pastries.

That would be so much better than the doors and angry spitting that I got in the face instead.

We crossed the road and I took the initiative to knock on the door. Stephenie shot a sideways glance at me when I gulped but didn't say anything; only fixed her gaze her on the front door. It opened to reveal a tired looking woman with glossy black hair and pink highlights that was in a waterfall of singular braids fell down to her waist. Dark looking bags were starting to show just under russet colored eyes and despite her thin frame and tired look, an aura of intimidation dripped off of her.

Even from the doorstep I could tell the house was well kept and it was just as preppy looking as the outside, The lady crossed her arms and her eyes darted back in forth between the two of us.

"Is there something you two officers would like? As far as I'm concerned I haven't done anything that breaks the law."

As I was preparing to speak Stephenie stepped in front of me, shooting me a sharp glare as she did so, and began to talk to the woman.

"Hello and can I ask your name if you don't mind?" Stephanie smiled sweetly

"You can call me Raven."
"And do you mind if we can come in and talk?" Stephanie asked the charismatic smile still on her face. Raven hesitated, a frown marred her pale skinned face and her dark reddish brown eyes glanced to me before she answered, "I'd rather not...."

And it was clear why a second later as a large dog with rippling black fur and shining, sharp, white teeth that were hidden behind a muzzle crept down the winding stairs in the corner of the room. A crimson red collar that seemed to tight dug into its neck and from where the dog stood in the darkness, the collar looked to glow. But that must have just been a trick of the light.

The beast growled and it sent a shiver running through me, even Stephenie tensed up.

"Ignore" Raven said nervously she kept looking back and forth between us and the giant animal on the stairs that was still growling. "We just got him....."

"I'll just get to the point then." Stephanie breathed and saw her steadied herself as she prepared herself to explain what she was going to say. "President Keragold has gave a short speech saying that all members of the town must provide residence for the police and secret agency when asked. We are asking nicely and if you say no, we won't push but others won't be so kind." Stephanie finished speaking but her confident demeanor was just an act. That dog was setting her on edge, I could tell by the way she played with the edge of her shirt.

The dog was now at the bottom of the stairs and the growling had gotten louder I could see its hackles raised and through the tightly fitted muzzle more teeth were showing as lips curled in a snarl. Red eyes flashed intentions of murder and I was still hoping a grandma would pop out of the kitchen with a tray of cookies in hand and offer everybody one just to defuse the tension.

Raven stared for a bit, "I wasn't aware of this..." the willowy women became lost in thought while Stephanie and I became lost in an awkward silence. After a long moment she spoke and it was without hesitation, "You say there are others you aren't as kind as you? And my best course of action would be to just let you in?"

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