Electus 2

Recruitment in Pameres Kingdom

Confused of the King's decisions and quite frankly seeing them as bad ideas, he decided to ask by sugar coating his point of view and introducing what Dangers the King's decisions could bring. "Do you think that the Electus would actually be willing to help you? Nothing would stop him from destroying Pameres Kingdom if he arrived here."

Seer Indeed has a good point, Pameres Kingdom's Army size isn't strong enough to stop the Electus before Colossal damage has been already caused. Sure they might be able to kill him, but not soon enough.

"Indeed he is powerful, but considering some common logic he won't attack it he isn't attacked. Regardless of the Colour on mine and your skin, I doubt that he will see us as enemies if we don't oppose him... Right?" King Zar here tried to find reasons why this will work out, at this point he is almost ignorning Seer's recommendations but it can be for the better.

Skipping what the Electus might or might not think, Seer got back to considering the dangers. "Our sources of information say that he the Electus has created Fire Tornadoes out of thin Air in Crutal Kingdom. That can wipe out most of our Kineom alone! Why would he be stoppable now? Why take the risk?"

"Oh I see where you are going with this, you solely are focused if he will or won't attack us." Seeing Seer nod in agreement, Zar took a second to collect his words since he is obviously going towards a whole new topic through this conversation.

And finally, he managed to explain in greater detail. "See before the outburst, an Electus would likely discover his or her powers first. The outburst is a test."

Taking a second to recall memories and what he has learned about this, he continued. "That test pushes a soul to the very limit. During that test, the kid could of exploded while bursting those intense flames." At the end of the sentence both of their eyes started opening up along with the flow, it came out a bit as shocking but believable.

Calming down by a hunch, he now explained the benefits of which the Electus has gotten. "He seemed to have passed the test, passing the test would grant him with a level at Fire Controlling for example, that he didn't need to train for."

This sudden information came as a shock for Seer, he has never heard about them before but he did not fail to quench his curiosity. "Very interesting indeed, but do you know so much about the Electus sire?"

"My father is an Electus you Goblin head." Seer became irritated here a bit, Seer skipped all that valuable information and asked how the King knew. Troubling at most, but Zar had no trouble with explaining the rest. "King Xakro is a more powerful and unstable version of an Electus. Not to mention he carries the "Bloodline's Curse."

Now with that out of the way, and the topic indirectly closed for any more thoughts, King Zar wanted to be reassured. "Anyway. I have a task for you, if you are still standing by my side that is."

Unable to not argue with common sense, well at least regarding the points of view on Ignites. He took a deep breath, regretted his decisions through life a little bit and explained. "Sire. I owe deep apologies to the 300 Ignite refugees in our Kingdom. I'll be sure to apologize to each one. But what task do you have for me?"

"This pleases my ears Seer." Afterwards the King got to the main point, explaining a fact so Seer can understand more of what him (King Zar) has planned. "You see how our Kingdom is greatly overpopulated.
We have 300 houses but people are sleeping on the streets even though many made their way in families and became one with them."

This is a topic Seer knows about, and a spark of joy arose upon him solely due to the fact that he is well informed, not because of what he is informed off. "There are approximately 500 homeless people sire. A lot of them camp out of the Kingdom's protection and often faced wild animals at Winter when times are already bad enough."

Now getting to the point where this idea might come out as a shocker, and in some aspects unacceptable. The King expressed his ideas. "Exactly, there are way to many homeless people in my Domain. I plan to give those people homes." Considering a pay off for his good deed, he added. "They won't need to pay for those homes either, all they would need to pay a monthly tax after they officially get a job in or out of the Kingdom."

The consideration of the Budget of which King Zar just gave, apparently isn't enough. And Seer did not fail to express it either since it is his job to advise the King for such a potentially horrible economic idea. "Providing homes for so many people would be a great shift in the budget sire. Not to mention we don't have nearly enough construction workers. You said you want to build a second wall as well which needs Stonemasons."

It isn't certain how much King Zar has thought about this plan, but he sure is ready. With much matturity, he explained. "I'm aware that we currently don't have what it takes to provide so much housing or a second wall to our people. But there are 500 homeless people who mostly can work. They are wasting time here and there but they can put in work too!"

Although Seer can advice the King on certain topics, he can't really do much when the King is set to put a plan in to action. So he just decided to indirectly agree with these ideas and hope for the best. "Do you want me to spread the word for recruitment sire?"

Happy that Seer is finally cooperating, the King explained his plan in greater detail. "Yes, write a Parchment and pay some people to spread the word of mouth as well, it can be a lot more effective. Say "The King, is offering jobs for Construction Workers and Stone Masons."

Feeling capable that he can memorize that part, without grabbing any Parchment yet. He asked, "Is that all sire?"

Now making it certain that he has been thinking about this topic for a long time, he started listing what Value these couple of crafts have and what the pay is for each branch. "No no that's not all, we need to discuss pays."

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