Electus 2


Mogranius lifted the spear above his head and stood patient for the Swordfish to approach close enough to a shooting range, although that will not take long.

If the fish reaches shooting range, Mogranius has to throw the spear before it even reaches that specific range, that's how fast the fish is going.

The Swordfish now is 100 feet away, as Mogranius focused on the target furthermore, the Swordfish swam another 40 feet. 

And as it reached 20 feet away, Mogranius threw the spear and this time he didn't blow fire out of his nose.

If he did, he could risk losing the fish even if he managed to spear it.

He instead ran to the side about 5 feet away and then flew off. Even if the Swordfish was to arrive before Mogranius blasted off, it wouldn't cause any fatal injuries.

As it is going too fast to change sudden direction. If the fin however, hits anything that isn't a Sword at such speed, it is bone breaking.

Mogranius was lucky enough to blast off with the Swordfish's side fin going a couple of inches beneath his feet.

The Swordfish swam near Mogranius so fast that it made him lose control of his flying for a few seconds.

The moment he managed to gain control of his flying again, the 15 meter rope with the end tied around his waist, proceeded to be dragged by the fish, with Mogranius at the end of it along.

If Mogranius wasn't already flying towards the direction the fish was swimming, it would break his spine rather easily.

Having the rope tied around his waist, he had no choice but to be dragged by the massive Swordfish. 

At this point, blasting fire out of his feet can't even keep him above the water, nonetheless fly away.

The fish is just too fast and powerful.

This fish apart from living over 250 years, is massive and abnormally fast and powerful although most would think it to grow weak due to its age.


Mogranius found himself on the bottom of the ocean after having nothing but a blurry vision while being dragged through the water in such speed which no man can face without fainting.

It only took one minute for the Swordfish to drag him from a shore a bit above a meter deep to a part of the ocean so far away that it seemed at least 1000 feet submerged.

It took off in such speed that it was impossible for Mogranius to hold on the old spear.

After much resistance, speed finally knocked the geezer out. Forced to drink a few buckets of water as well even though he tried his best to keep his mouth closed.

"Wake up. Wake up!" Said a strange tone with its Origin stretching unknown.

"Where a…." Mogranius tried to utter but continues to throw up a hell load of water.

Trying to support, although its tone squealing, the man by tone who somehow found Mogranius' body repeated. "Careful Careful. It's just sea water. It isn't that bad!"

Fighting off the blur from his vision, Mogranius peeked at the man and asked. "Who are you?"

"Don't you recognize me son? It has been 246 years. Where have you been? You never visit!" Said the man with a grey beard long enough to reach his knees.

Which is good we suppose because he is naked.

Obviously seeing this old man as insane now, Mogranius refused with a tone over throned by Water. "Impossible."

Cutting it short, the old man cited. "Son. Everything is possible. But that's not why I called you here."

Although seeing a few key features that belonged to Mogranius' father, like a dark toned dot on his nose, accepting this situation is far from easy. "Illusion. This must be because I swallowed a shit load of water."

"Did I die?" He asked right after while checking his body parts if they are on place!

Trying to assure safety, the old man has to add. "Son you are well, alive and naked. Like me. The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree I see hehehehhehe."

Standing up and trying to move away from this creature claiming to be his father, Mogranius hollered. "You can't be alive, it has been 246 years. This is impossible!"

Giving a firm term of what's possible and what's not, the old man pointed. "You can't be alive either. It has been 246 years and you never visited. But I suppose everything is possible aye?"

Trying to comprehend the fact that his father is actually alive, putting his fist away and burning the intent of tossing a Fireball, Mogranius gave a loud whisper. "Where are we? What did you do here all this time? Why didn't you come home?"

Trying to excuse his absence, the old man replies shortly. "I had to pick, my family or Ignis."

"What do you mean?" Mogranius whispered as a tear broke out, forcing the emotional distress to stand stable.

Remaining scarce with information, the old man simply asked. "Kastaria vanished, you know that."

Trying to put everything together, Mogranius decided to cooperate. "Yes I'm aware, we met a Demon who told us all about it."

With that in mind, a smile grew on the old man's face as his elderly tone shook with a bit of a whistle in between words. "Oh, did you say 'Hi' to Betzy for me?"

Staggered confused, convinced that this old man is crazy, Mogranius hollered now instead of continuing his whisper. "How do you know who Betzy is if you were here all this time?"

Confident with his abilities, the old man shared his fate although not aiding to clear everything out. "Hehe, I know all animals. Big or small, I see every single one in existence."

Having a bit of an urge to faint again and escape this madness, Mogranius expressed. "Alright now I'm sure this is all an illusion!"

Arguing with himself, the old man cited. "It isn't son. Why would it be an illusion to see your father which you lost 246 years ago? Oh...wait i see it."

Skipping that part, the obviously crazy old man synced into the drama. "Anyway, those same demons who took down Kastaria have been trying to remove the demonite here, even before they tried it on Kastaria."

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