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I haven't had many examples to brag about, but powers are evolving. In Ignis even, although I don't think they are based on rage." Mogranius' father describes, digging his thumbs through his beard through explanation.

But still able to give an example although them few, the geezer cites. "Kaleem for example, an illustratio has awoken to super strength."

Seeing this as a problem instead of a blessing, the newcomer here has to express. "An illustratio with super strength, he will fuck us up if we face him in battle one day."

Smacking Mogranius behind the head, almost knocking him unconscious, the crazy old man corrects. "That's racist. Kaleem is a good hearted man who had an Ignite mother, you better apologize to him!"

"Is he here?" Mogranius asked, not considering such a question stupid considering what he went through today.

Calming down, as if going from 100 to 0 rage-wise, the old man explains with a tone delicate like spring sunshine. "No but you will meet him, he will stand by the Revolution's side!"

Regardless of the smack, this feels very unlikely when he bases it on the 200 year history with the illustratios, so Mogranius has to mutter. "An illustratio! By our side? That's difficult to happen!"

With the opportunity to learn about the unknown given, the two can bond by the younger willing to learn. "But tell me about the Calidum Lutum! I don't think their powers are connected with the Source of Fire. They seem completely neglective towards their Source and worship Calidum instead."

The geezer took a breath, thought for a few minutes while keeping his forefinger up to shun away interruptions, finally shedding light to this dark puzzle. "Their race originates from an Island, smaller than Ignis even. Calidia, yes. Calidia is the name of the Island and the Source should be there!"

"Alia will be so happy about this!" Mogranius screeched like a young girl when she gets a present and adds. "The Calidum Lutum have been here before the first Era, who knows if they know about Calidia."

Noticing how his father has struck dead silent, almost ignoring Mogranius' existence. The Fire Blaster here sees it as a good opportunity to shift towards another topic, for the sake of gathering information. 

And so he asks, "What can you tell me about Xakro illustratio lll, does he have any other spawns apart from Zar?"

Painfully well known around facts, even describing private matters, the geezer weighs in some key facts. "Xakro has more than one child but for some reason they aren't carrying his power. He is doing what his Father and Grandfather did to pass down the powers but he is failing."

Shedding light to a fact that would make these two show sympathy amongst the enemies, the old man continues. "Those who fail to carry his power, he assigns them at different Jobs. Commonly away from him, considering them useless."

"Well at least he doesn't throw them on the streets, which shows a bit of love at least!" Mogranius doesn't know much about getting fatherly love. I mean yes he got it until he was 12 years old but he has long forgotten how it felt!

Having sympathy for the spawns, but not for the spawner, the old man contradicts with a shout. "Oh there is no love in his heart, he is completely corrupt out of feelings. If he didn't behead those newborn kids, it's because of ego and he actually did throw one of his sons on the streets."

Sympathy kicked to the other side of the Continent, Mogranius joins with an agreeing shout. "So Xakro has to be wiped out from existence! He is worse than a monster in fairy tales!"

Confident with his ideas or visions basically, the old man expresses. "He'll perish sooner than everyone thought. His dynasty is soon to crumble."

While looking at the cave ceiling or the water near the cave surface while occasionally whistling, the old man slowly describes. "Snow Ignites kicking him from one side and his own son kicking him from the other, the entire Continent being on a shortage of Soldiers, this will aid to crumble the illustratian alliance to the ground!"

"Even illustratios are getting powers! I doubt they will stand in solitude with the illustratian alliance once they get qualified as Demons by their own race!" But this time Mogranius pointed at the ceiling through the expressions and made his father look at it.

Confused at why they are looking at a ceiling, his father asks. "What are you pointing at?"

Recalling how his father tends to point in random directions, Mogranius asks. "What did you point at earlier?"

Wiggling his forefinger and carrying considerable disappointment on his face, the crazy old man repeats. "I didn't point at anything. Pointing a finger is judgy. Don't be judgy!"

Noticing that such a debate can last for 3 moons, Mogranius compliments the thought. "Yes you are right!"

Out of a sudden the geezer began a wordplay off topic, "Let me count!1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,19,23,18. Hmmm. 3 I think!"

Staggered, Mogranius asks. "3 what?"

Agile to answer, the old man describes. "I've beaten 3 Inner Demons."

"How could you beat 3? You aren't an Electus are you?" Asked Mogranius in shock thinking that his father is speaking further nonsense or actually being serious!

Wanting to tell this to someone for over a century now, the old man recites the rehearsed phrases. "Being near the Demonite for 246 years gave me more Inner Demons to beat, and the occasional Demon meat snacks I ate helped. Yihihihihihihihi!"

Still having it hard to put all of this day together, Mogranius queries. "You ate Demons? Is that how you know any animal in existence?"

Stretching his head left to right and hearing bones crack, the old man tried to describe mid stretch. "Yis. It's a combination of powers blessed upon me by Zirinisen, Lartem and Aresmqaal."

Capable enough to describe each Inner Demon dot to dot, the old man cites. "Zirinisen offers the Inner Demon that tampers with self control such as not going completely insane with such power, Lava Controllers deal with the Inner Demon he blessed on their bloodline."

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