Electus 2

Pull your Ears

"What do you mean there is no going back?" Asked Woldemir in concern, they are talking about his son after all.

He took an oath to protect Eric, even if sacrificing himself became the only option, and he would willingly do that without wasting a heartbeat.

If Woldemir was willing to do that much for his only son, it would be easier to show emotional support like every parent should. Eric is the only family he has after all.

"I mean, once the Inner demon of rage manages to reach level 6, Eric won't be able to recover, ever. He'll throw rage fits even if ducks quack." Pointed out Mogranius, used a perfect example too.

His father told the old man a lot around that campfire before Mogranius rode Becky back to the shore.

And now he feels more prepared at least and he indeed knows enough to have a new, well thought out approach to this disaster of a situation.

Understanding that Woldemir has been left speechless, the geezer continued. "He has a level 4 Inner demon of rage to beat but still is holding up well. The boy just has short anger outbursts, meaning he noticed it and is already fighting it."

"How can we be sure that he is fighting it? We barely know anything about the Inner demons, he probably didn't even notice them." Pointed out Woldemir, not finding excusements but risk factors that perhaps demand more attention.

He can't take any chance, needs to be certain that his son is at least trying instead of just brushing this off.

"I can answer that!" Weighed in Eric as he beached the 5 meter long and 2 meter wide boat with King Michael on it.

As he walked out of the boat and made his way to the group, Mogranius' focus wasn't on Eric but on King Michael. 

He didn't tell anyone about Michael yet and neither of them would ever know unless Michael told them, or if Mogranius chose a different path to this journey, if he had a different path to choose from.

"I have noticed my rage ever since the demon we saw, pointed it out. I have been trying to fight it ever since." Well this pointed out that the young Electus was aware of this dilemma.

"We're here for you son, you can do this." Woldemir became the first to encourage, crying about it would definitely not help.

Understanding that he as an Electus has a lot to be angry about, Mogranius jumped in the conversation and stated. "You need to let go of burden. The illustratian alliance is crumbling into dust. And you aren't alone, I got your back, we got your back."

"My entire Kingdom got your back!"

Added King Michael as he raised his Iron short sword sky high and everyone in the scene followed with a heartfelt cheer which forced goosebumps to the masses.

After the cheer, Mogranius pulled the King by the arm to separate him from the crowd without making a scene. Barely anyone noticed it because they've burst in conversations.

Discussing Inner demons, illustratios, the deal with Pameres Kingdom and the overall war.

"This might not be the best time but I know your true identity, sir fire blaster." Whispered Mogranius in a tone that wouldn't catch attention to anyone but Alia who was sticking to Mogranius like a leach.

Trying to sneak his way out of trouble, King Michael mumbled through a gaggle of words. "So you figured out that I can blast fire here in Ignis... I realize we have become rare but..."

Waiting to crack this joke for quite a while now, Mogranius made sure to enjoy this situation a bit longer. "Son, don't play dumb with me or I'll pull your ears, oh wait…"

"How did you find out?" Questioned King Michael without making eye contact to avoid a scene.

Stating another bit of the unusual, Mogranius cited. "I wouldn't have, you hide it well to be honest. But your little fire farting bunny told me."

Shouting it out, the King questioned. "I knew that little demon could talk. What did she tell you?"

"Oh no no it isn't like that." Contradicted Mogranius and afterwards stating what was more bizarre. "My father can see through any animal's eyes, long story. I will fill you in later but my father told me that you can help fight off these "peaceful demons."

Digging out old bargains, the King expressed. "I would love to help but can't share anything with you. Your friends still don't trust me, see the problem?"

Continuing the point, Michael had to add. "We need an Electus to save Ignis from being destroyed... but I have to know we can cooperate."

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