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Your mind is what you feed it.

"How can we fix that?"
Asked Eric. A specific question having to do about casting a Fire Shield.

"With an Inner Demon who started at level 4 to beat, I doubt that we can change your rageful reactions in a day. But hear this, the mind is what you feed it."
Exclaimed Mogranius while grabbing the neck area of Eric's torso and yelling his sentence out all over Eric's face which undoubtedly led to covering his face with spit.

"Thanks for the shower. But what do you mean by
"The mind is what you feed it."
It is surprising how Eric didn't have a rageful outburst after that spit covered scene. But Mogranius being his mentor for over 2 months now, they created a mentor mentee bond which was hard to break. They didn't even have an argument yet. The only problem they had was Eric's speed on catching up to the Mentor's Wisdom and advice. Problems they are still having.

"I mean, the mind is what you feed it. Well not literally. The mind is what thoughts you feed it. If you feed it negative thoughts all the time, your mindset will be overwhelmed with Negativity with a small portion of positivity streaming through. If you don't let your Inner Demon completely beat you that is."
Calmly said Mogranius as he focused on the vegetation that repeatedly bounced due to the light morning November wind.

"But I'm struggling with Rage, as most of you openly claimed a while ago. I don't struggle with negativity."

"Negativity takes part in Rage. So next time you find yourself in a situation where you feel like you need to have a rageful outburst, think with yourself. Is it necessary? Can i find a way around it? What impact will it make? What difference will it impact?"

"But I can't control the sudden outburst. I appreciate the different points of view and thoughts to focus on, but I simply don't have control over it."
Said Eric trying his best to show respect and to accurately express what he is struggling with.

"Yes you do. If you didn't, your Inner Demon of Rage would have advanced to level 5 already. While you are so close to beating the Level four Demon and ironically advancing to level three."

"So, I'm considerably winning against the Inner Demon?"
Said Eric with enthusiasm adding up to his tone.

"Faster than i expected actually. As the "Mother of all Demons" said, you skipped Lava Controlling and didn't get the opportunity to beat the Inner Demon of Self Control. So this will be harder for you. But you are progressing rather well."

"I want to start Lava Controlling but the situation doesn't let me. I spent most of my time on Lan Zhe training my Fire Controlling abilities. And now I can't go back because everyone else is here."

"Indeed. And considering Gaster Kingdom being a very vulnerable place on their way to getting a stable financial income and population, we need every Witch, Wizard or Guard available to protect this Kingdom from King Xakro who will try to get a portion of the riches once this Kingdom starts earning. It wouldn't be a surprise if he offers us to join the illustratian Alliance."

"So that means i'm unwillingly isolated here even though I'm out in the open. Such feelings will definitely not help me beat the Inner Demon quicker."

"The thought of isolation alone won't help, yes. But look at it like this.
The illustratian Alliance is more Vulnerable than it ever was for the past 200 years. The Snow Ignites aided a lot to this fortune. Keep a positive attitude, it will help you progress faster which would ultimately convert to the future of the remaining Ignites to turn brighter."

"The Snow Ignites. That's another task that has been bothering me. If i can't leave Gaster Kingdom for even a day, when will i get the chance to go and take back the Demonite before their Empire increases and swallows up Ignis."
Exclaimed Eric, yelling out his burden in concern of Ignis.

"Gaster Kingdom's overall profit is flat. 0. So if we are to go and get that Gem. The time is now!"


"What? Did you seriously think that i will let you go alone? You aren't of the evolved so the gem could quite possibly force you to explode into thousands of pieces."

"Evolved? Hold on."
Said Eric as he tried to figure out what Mogranius meant with "Evolved".
But decided to think about it for another time and added
"Actually nevermind. Let's see if I can do the Fire Shield!"
He said with a willing tone which was obvious to notice.

"That's the attitude I'm proud to mentor."


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